Jumbo Special

Jumbo Special


Jumbo Special is a whirlwind of various instrumentation and genres in the shape of a dynamic trio. Our music plays with a satirical and poetic lyrical content while our lyrics conduct a crux of stylistically dissonant and harmonic theory.


So this is how it all started:

I initially met Parker Trevathan at lunch on my first day of high school. He waved me down because he recognized me from a picture. Curiously, I approached him and sat down. Matthew Case was sitting next to him, and I remembered Matt from Boy Scouts several years before. This was the hidden incarnation of Jumbo Special. We could have only guessed that we would have become best friends and musical soul mates.

I am still marveled by the serendipitous beginning to the rest of our lives. Throughout high school, the three of us would perform and improvise in various ensembles, but not until my junior year of high school did we begin to suture our creativity.

And now, Jumbo Special is back and more creative than ever. The band is and always has been based in original material that stretches from complex changes and odd time signatures to the roots of blues and folk-western styles. Our music has swells of improvisation and tightly knit passages of vocals and instrumentation. Having such a spectrum of sounds is what helps us find our niche as well as finding a variety of bands to perform with.

Some of the more pleasurable opening spots have been with such bands as Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, The Dirty Projectors, Acid Mothers Temple, The Ruins, and Estradasphere. The fact that we have opened for these bands spells our success. These people are our heroes, and if we can get this far, then there is nothing that can stop us, not even death. The history the three of us share together defines the accomplishments that lie in store for us. Our music is the most important thing, aside from our friendship, and the music reflects this.


Macon Terry


We are in the process of recording our debut album, independently and at home. We plan on a December release of 2006.

Set List

Depending on the venue and time slot, our ideal set is as follows:

Parker Trevathan, majority drummer, begins the set off playing guitar/mandolin and singing the leads, based mostly in tragic, satirical humor. He is backed by Matthew Case on pedal steel/ banjo/guitar, and Macon Terry on the double and electric bass. The band takes on the flavors of gospel singing and three piece harmonies of a folk-western style.

Matt remains on guitar and pedal steal with the occasional keyboard, while Parker ascends the drum stool and Macon shifts to keyboards and electric bass. In this configuration Macon assumes most lead vocals while Parker and Matt take the harmonies. These tunes are newer and allow for more experiment amongst the band in this developing dynamic of pop ballads and rock variants.

In the band's typical environment, Matt plays electric guitar, Parker on drums and Macon on electric bass. This is the setting in which the entire band assumes lead and harmony vocals, and