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Contemporary, radio friendly Brit-pop - without the Brit.


Jumeaux was originally intended to be a musical collaboration between twin brothers: Rob and Tom Vidal. Due to the daily obligations of marriage, children and careers, Tom has had to forge on alone.....

Tom graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory with a degree in Music Therapy and a minor in classical guitar. He spent 5 years as lead guitarist and songwriter in the NYC based Irish rock band Surrey Lane. Since 1998, he's been writing and recording in the solitude of his home studio. In 2003 he joined the Queens-based band Double Naught Spy as a bassist.


1000 Kisses

Written By: Thomas Vidal

Audrey, it's seven forty-five and
you're losing the battle with your sleepy eyes.
Rest assured I won't send you to bed 'till I place 1000 kisses on your head.

We'll bounce up the stairs as you squeal with delight.
I'll chase you around until we say goodnight.
We'll read a tale of some magical place while I sneak 1000 kisses on your face.

Time is going so fast and I just want this moment to last.
So I sing
(rockabye baby on...)
(rockabye baby on...)

The scent of your hair and the warmth of your skin.
A lifetime of memories about to begin.
But before you lay down in your bed.
I'll place 1000 kisses
I'll place 1000 kisses
I'll place 1000 more kisses on your head.


With Jumeaux/solo projects:

With Surrey Lane: Depending on the Whether - 1996