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Just Enough

Written By: Jumoke Fasan-Fola-Alade

Just enough time to savour the budding glory of the sublime
To see spring emerge from winter into her prime.

Just enough peace
to take wings with the tornado’s breeze
To stand tall upon my crouched knees.

Just enough liberty to rewrite a chapter in the chronicles of history To restore to humanity a measure of its lost glory.

Just enough courage to preserve a plundered heritage
To hush bellows of undeserved rage.

Just enough grace to rip apart carnality’s scarlet lace
To find promise in a blemished

Just enough harmony to ransom a soul and keep it company
To render a melody of
angelic symphony.

Just enough wisdom to seize the fierce lightning in my brother’s storm
To unveil an imprisoned future desperate to perform.

Just enough hope to be a ray of light piercing the dark grope,
To tie the knot in another’s
slipping rope.

Just enough pain to share the
taste of pouring rain
To shed tears to cultivate

Just enough joy to seek imposing mounts to employ
To let boisterous sea waves be my buoy.

Just enough strength to take a lonely hand the whole length
To hold out together with
stoic breath.

Just enough love to touch a
helpless one with heaven’s velvet glove
To express the true essence of the triune resolve.

Just enough faith to be conduit of truth where there is myth
To have remnant as heirloom to bequeath.

Just enough life to choke the ugly weeds of strife,
To live till life alone be rife.