Jump Back Heart Attack!

Jump Back Heart Attack!


Jump Back Heart Attack! is the music of Jeff Gonzales (III). It ranges from soft, intimate acoustic folk music to noisy, melodic psychodelic pop. His voice is "uniquely refreshing" and his performances "fearlessly intimate." (A.N.L) Gonzales is joined live by a revolving cast of musicians.


Songwriter Jeff Gonzales (III) is constantly inundated with ideas. Lyrics and sounds seem to spin in his head constantly. He has played with, toured extensively, and written music for Loud Americans, Skybox, and The Dirt Bike Kids, among others. His previous bands have played CMJ, Midwest Music Summit, and APF Festivals, been featured in Billboard and Magnet magazines, and won the Phoenix New Times Award for Best Rock Band in 2001.

In the last few years however, he decided to focus on his own music. Since he has lived in three different states in the past year, traveling quite a bit, it seems logical to go without an actual band, and instead a revolving cast of musicians in different cities at times play additional instruments with him live.

His influences range from Brian Eno to Bob Dylan, J Church to Spiritualized. From Roy Orbison to Radiohead. His lyrics have been heralded by fans of his music, as well as his unique voice. He has been able to draw audiences in with his his honest, authentic style, which always seems to be evolving.

After releasing the acoustic EP, Distance Come True (Low-Fi Lullabies) on Winged Victory Records in 2007, he is currently working on a new, multi-instrument, "a more spacy, psychodelic" EP.

He was recently chosen as the Featured Artist of the Week on Indieshows.net. Synthesis Magazine, and music blogs in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Dallas have sung his praises. College and independent radio stations in Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, and Arizona have feautured his music. In just a short time, the music of Jump Back Heart Attack! seems to be spreading like wildfire.

(by Spencer Wright)

More mp3's on Jump Back Heart Attack!'s Myspace Site: myspace.com/jeffgonzalesiii


Midday Epilogue

Written By: Jeff Gonzales III (Jump Back Heart Attack!)

i gave up my family for you/ love and real friendship too/ countless jobs along the way/ scholastic dreams i had are dead/ i gave up quite a bit for you

but you gave a lot to me too/ a near death experience a time or two/ all my problems with the law/ all the awful things i saw/ yeah you gave a lot to me too

sing it from the rooftop/ i won't follow you old friend/ but the way the clouds are rolling in today/ hell we might make up and start again

you gave me scars on my arms/ and got me suckerpunched trying to cop in south tucson/ made my skin like jaundice too/ made me smell and taste of you/ yeah you sure did this body good

but in a way i've got to hand it to you/ i did things i never thought i'd do/ how you owned my mind those days/ i can never quite explain/ but i'm glad we didn't meet again today

(J. Gonzales III) c. 2007 Tonto Corazon Music

(Although some people think this song is about another person, it's actually asong about my struggles with drugs in the past.)


Distance Come True (Low-Fi Lullabies), EP. 2007
Winged Victory Records, Los Angeles.

Radio airplay on:
WLUW 88.7 FM, Chicago, IL.
WXVU, 89.1 FM, Philadelphia, PA.
KSCU 103.3 FM, Santa Clara, CA.
KSDT, San Diego, CA

A new EP is in currently in the works.

Set List

I have 35+ songs, and don't care to list them all. But I usually play 7 to 12 original songs, depending on the show. Rarely longer than 40 minutes, unless I'm doing double sets.

Occasionally I cover Lou Reed's "Perfect Day," Woody Guthrie's "Pastures of Plenty," and Townes Van Zandt's "Waiting Around to Die," among others.