Jumping Guns

Jumping Guns

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Jumping Guns is the grassroots rock sound from homegrown New Orleans guys Andy Lade, Robert Landreaux, and Zack Preston. We are a power trio, and we don't mess around.


Andy Lade -- drums and vocals

Robert Landreaux -- guitar and vocals

Zack Preston -- bass and vocals

Jumping Guns began in 2003 when Andy Lade, Robert Landreaux, and Justin Sackett began playing music together. The band performed at high school dances, house parties, and high school fairs in New Orleans. Jumping Guns' first self-titled album was released independently in spring 2002. In spring 2010, Jump Higher was released.

One fan compared Jumping Guns to a lunar eclipse because now they play once in a blue moon. Presently, Andy Lade lives in New Orleans; Zack Preston lives in Austin; and Robert Landreaux lives in San Antonio. Stay tuned this summer for a rock experience you will not forget.



Written By: Robert Landreaux

We decided to do this to begin our adventure.
We walked away from the field and back to the car.
Little did we know, this would be a long night than before.
Instead of taking the faster route,
we walked along the truck compounds,
through the grassy field and along the grimy highway.

Once we arrived at our destination,
we ran away for fear of being captured
by the red mustang following us around.

We lost our friend for a while,
hiding behind bushes and cars.
But then we picked him up and we drove away.

Summertime in New Orleans

Written By: Robert Landreaux

Summertime in New Orleans.
Sleeping late, drinking coffee at noon.

Rain everyday.
And all the time.

Working hard, hardly working.
Sweating in the morning, making music.

Rain everyday.
And all the time.

Rain everyday.
And all the time.


Jumping Guns EP -- 2005

Jumping Guns (first self-titled album) -- spring 2002

Jump Higher -- spring 2011

Set List

Frederick Douglass
Big Me- Foo Fighters
Turn the Other Cheek
Summertime in New Orleans
Long View- Green Day
Santa Monica- Everclear
Frailty/Saved Your Life
Bossa Monkey
Brainstew+25 or 6 to 4