Jumping Monks

Jumping Monks


Texas Funk-Rock n. 1. Sound created, refined, and defined by Jumping Monks. 2. Alternative rock with grooving rhythm and smooth, popin' melody. "Creation, gestation, music, pop, in a funk foundation. Overwhelming sensation, a Texas Funk-Rock compilation." Step inside, WON'T YOU?


The Jumping Monks hail from the western outskirts of San Antonio, TX. Brothers, Travis and Weston Ripps founded the band in 2002, and with their original guitarist, released their debut album, Green Apple Worms (GAW) in 2003. The band toured the state of Texas promoting the album, which included a stop on the Vans Warped Tour 2003. Singles, Rock in the Revolution and cover tune, Runaround Sue received moderate airplay on many Texas radio shows. The band independently sold hundreds of copies of GAW.

The brothers parted ways with their original guitarist in 2005, and picked up friend, and ex-Revelaide guitarist, Adam Jacobs. After over a year of writing together, the J-Monks hit the studio in May of 2007 and started recording their much anticipated sophomore album. In early November of 2007, the band will saw the release of the 13-track album titled "Won't You?". The first release is the album's title track, which features the J-Monks' truely original sound and showcases the bands wide array of musical influences. The new album is available through many digital outlets, and the first single is currently receiving radio play in on Houston and San Antonio Texas radio programs. The band will continue to tour the South in support of the new CD.

"This is a great rock band! They are what is called a melodic rock power trio. A new, refreshing sound that is punctuated with some of the best and most intriguing melodies you'll ever hear. All three band member have real music at the core, excellent musicianship. It is rare that you see this level of skill in a band. They are all as good as it gets in the music business. You sense a great pride in what they do." - Robert Metzgar Capitol Management Group


Ordinary Life

Written By: Weston and Travis Ripps

I don’t wanna wait for the light to go, believe me. I don’t wanna take what’s not for sale, but maybe Love is untrue.
I don’t wanna be hit by the cue, frankly, I’d rather roll myself into, but maybe Love is untrue, I need some new, Girl it’s not you.

No I want more, more than just love, more than your happiness, a little less Ordinary.

I won’t like a sky not blue, and fading, Wait, don’t wait, try something new, but lately, Love is untrue. I don’t wanna miss more than I love, living, I’m pretty sure I found the cure, to save me. Love is untrue, I need some new, girl it’s not you. No I want more....

I don’t wanna wait for the light to go, believe me. I don’t wanna take what’s not for sale, but maybe. I don’t wanna break the world in two, I’m sorry. A song is sung but not for you. No want more, more than just love...


13 Track Sophomore Album titled "Won't You?" released November 3, 2007.

14 Track Debut CD, "Green Apple Worms". 13 original tracks and 1 cover track, Dion's 1950's hit, Runaround Sue.

Set List

1-2 hour sets featuring any of the following: 3-4 songs from the debut CD, 8-9 newer original songs from the sophomore album, and 4-5 cover songs (Runaround Sue, anything Red Hot Chili Peppers, STP, and other 90s bands), and lastly, a medley/mix featuring Do You Love Me.