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"This is a great rock band! They are what is called a melodic rock power trio. A new, refreshing sound that is punctuated with some of the best and most intriguing melodies you'll ever hear. All three band member have real music at the core, excellent musicianship. It is rare that you see this level of skill in a band. They are all as good as it gets in the music business. You sense a great pride in what they do." - Robert Metzgar Capitol Management Group
- Robert Metzgar, Capitol Management Group

The Jumping Monks Interview (27/03/07)
Banxy likes to search Myspace for bands and artists, and every now and again he unearths a gem that he feels could potentially be huge. Jumping Monks were one of those bands and he interviewed them.
After scouring the internet for the next "up and coming" talent, I think I may have just stumbled upon a band that, with their funk style music, could just be that next "Big Thing" - The Jumping Monks...

Banxy : Hello Jumping Monks. So, how would you describe the band's music?

Jumping Monks : I would say our music can best be described as alternative funk rock. Our first album, "Green Apple Worms", has more of the rap-funk style and is a little sporadic… I think of it as West Coast funk. It was teenagers writing about life and drilling out some funky tunes.

The music we have written for our sophomore album is really refined. We have our sound now, which we feel more accurately reflects our roots. It’s got the funk flavour, but some of the songs have a Texas feel to them… notably, "Won’t You" and "Get Sucked Up". So, maybe we’re Texas Funk-Rock?

Banxy : What is your favorite song from "Green Apple Worms"?

Jumping Monks : That’s hard to say... you’re asking me to pick a favourite child. Speaking for the band I would have to narrow it down to two favorites; "Rock in the Revolution" and "Cold Flannel Nights"… but don’t tell the others.

Banxy : Who are your musical influences?

Jumping Monks : Our rhythm section and vocalists of the band (the Ripps brothers) are influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but also by some country music, folk, and many 90’s rock bands. Our guitarist’s main influences include Jimmy Hendrix, Johnny Lang, and Joe Satriani.

Banxy : Where did the name "Jumping Monks" come from?

Jumping Monks : Jumping Monks, to me, is the definition of musician, or band, or artist. What many people don’t see is the Monk side of the musician. When we started getting the band together I spent a great deal of time alone, writing, practicing, and thinking… I referred to my apartment in college as the monastery. “Jumping” just notes the exposed, live/performing side of the musician. Thus, Jumping Monks. Confused yet?

Banxy : Yes. A lot of people liken your music to that of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, do you feel this is a good or bad thing?

Jumping Monks : I think it is a double edged sword. It is great that people compare us to one of the biggest bands in the world. Also, how many bands out there play music that can be compared to the style of the Chili Peppers? Now ask yourself, how many bands out there play a similar style of music as Green Day? On the other hand, some people feel that some songs on Green Apple Worms are too Chili Pepper-like. I won’t disagree that when a band is a big influence, that can happen. But, I will say that our sophomore album will loosen that connection since we have found a sound that is more our own.

Banxy : You've worked with some big names in the past - Bowling for soup, Ataris, etc. Who would you most like to work with and why?

Jumping Monks : Jim Croce. What a great song writer he was.

Banxy : The J-Monks have quickly set a strong foothold in Texas, what's next for the band? Ever considered playing in the UK?

Jumping Monks : After we release our next album we hope to push it into the hands of labels and try to become more nationally known (I’m sure we’ll take off like a bottle rocket, pick up a couple of music awards, and become bigger than Elvis... well one can dream can’t we). We do have realistic goals, and it starts with becoming a dominate regional band and working up from there. The UK is definitely on our radar. We seem to get a lot of interest for our style of music there.

Banxy : If the band could send a message to the world, what would it be?

Jumping Monks : Rock and roll can’t save your soul, but melodies ring free,
For those to use, and not confuse, whenever there’s a need to sing.

Banxy : Coffee or Tea?

Jumping Monks : Tea. Our bassist would say decaf.

Banxy : Do you have any upcoming Singles/Albums/Tour dates you would like to share with us?

Jumping Monks : This summer we will be in the studio recording our second full length album. We have not decided on a title yet, but we look to release it late in 2007. Till then, Green Apple Worms is available through iTunes and CDbaby.com. We will only be playing Texas dates for the next couple of months while we work on the album. Keep an eye out for live clips on our webpage, jumpingmonks.com.

Banxy : Jumping Monks, Thank You for your time.

Jumping Monks : Thank you.

Jumping Monks are Brothers Travis (bass, vocals) and Weston (drums, lead vocals) Ripps, and their long-time friend Adam Jacobs (guitar).

Check out Jumping Monks' Myspace page and official website. You can hear their music there.
- Banxy

THEY ARE: Jumping Monks

MEMBERS: Weston Ripps, lead vocals and drummer; Travis Ripps, bass guitar and backup vocals; Adam Jacobs, lead guitar

THE SOUND: Texas funk rock

THE WEB: jumpingmonks.com, myspace.com/jumpingmonks

ALBUMS: Green Apple Worms (2003); Won't You? (2007)

THE BACKGROUND: The Jumping Monks formed in 2002, a trio of guys from Castroville heavily influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their first album was largely funk, with a lot of rap mixed in. “Rock in the Revolution,” which could be a funk anthem, and a cover of Dion's 1961 hit “Runaround Sue” received some radio airplay in Texas. They played the Vans Warped Tour stop in San Antonio in 2003; they've also opened for Vanilla Ice and Tone Loc. The band changed guitarists in 2005.

WHY THEY'RE DIFFERENT: Weston, the lead singer, is also the drummer, which is rare for a rock band. “We've considered putting (Weston) up front and putting a rhythm guitar in his hands, but he's just so good on drums we just didn't want to do it,” Travis said.

THEIR WORDS: “We're older than we were. The songs are more mature,” Weston Ripps said of the new album. “We've gone through a lot, so the songs have gotten a little more serious than they were before, but they've still got the funk edge to them.”

WHERE TO SEE THEM: The Won't You release party is Saturday, Nov. 3, at Jack's Patio Bar & Grill, 2950 Thousand Oaks Drive.

THE 210 TAKE: The Jumping Monks' sophomore album is still heavy on the rhythm-driven rock, but Won't You has less rap and more melody than Green Apple Worms. That will probably make it more accessible to a wider audience, which is good because the Monks definitely offer up an infectious groove.

Jessica Belasco | 210SA Contributor
- Jessica Belasco


13 Track Sophomore Album titled "Won't You?" released November 3, 2007.

14 Track Debut CD, "Green Apple Worms". 13 original tracks and 1 cover track, Dion's 1950's hit, Runaround Sue.



The Jumping Monks hail from the western outskirts of San Antonio, TX. Brothers, Travis and Weston Ripps founded the band in 2002, and with their original guitarist, released their debut album, Green Apple Worms (GAW) in 2003. The band toured the state of Texas promoting the album, which included a stop on the Vans Warped Tour 2003. Singles, Rock in the Revolution and cover tune, Runaround Sue received moderate airplay on many Texas radio shows. The band independently sold hundreds of copies of GAW.

The brothers parted ways with their original guitarist in 2005, and picked up friend, and ex-Revelaide guitarist, Adam Jacobs. After over a year of writing together, the J-Monks hit the studio in May of 2007 and started recording their much anticipated sophomore album. In early November of 2007, the band will saw the release of the 13-track album titled "Won't You?". The first release is the album's title track, which features the J-Monks' truely original sound and showcases the bands wide array of musical influences. The new album is available through many digital outlets, and the first single is currently receiving radio play in on Houston and San Antonio Texas radio programs. The band will continue to tour the South in support of the new CD.

"This is a great rock band! They are what is called a melodic rock power trio. A new, refreshing sound that is punctuated with some of the best and most intriguing melodies you'll ever hear. All three band member have real music at the core, excellent musicianship. It is rare that you see this level of skill in a band. They are all as good as it gets in the music business. You sense a great pride in what they do." - Robert Metzgar Capitol Management Group