Jumping Planes

Jumping Planes

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

A powerful mix of raw and unfiltered energy and soothing melodies. The undeniably catchy grooves and contemplative lyrics take the listener on a musical journey of the mind. Crisp drumming, percussion, and cosmic synth punctuate the multi-dimensional guitar playing and airy yet urgent vocals.


Jumping Planes was born in the summer of 2010 as an experimental rock solo project from J Migs. J was the guitar player in the popular Philadelphia band, Root of the Sick. Root of the Sick played all of the top venues in the area, received regional and national radio play, worked with a Grammy award-winning producer, and put out their one and only album "Undulation", which they toured off of before disbanding in late 2008. J gained national attention at the age of 17 by becoming a semi-finalist in the 1999 Jimi Hendrix Family Foundation Electric Guitar Competition. This competition was held all over North America and received thousands of submissions. J was able to place in the top 50 overall in North America after being chosen to play live in Alexandria, Virginia. He was featured in national magazines and local newspapers for this accomplishment. After being in and out of bands for the last 10 years, he decided to go into the studio for a change of pace and record a solo album. Although his primary instrument is guitar, with the exception of drums, he played every instrument on the album, including bass, guitar, synth, organ, electric sitar, percussion and others, and also supplied the vocals. The album also includes several special guests. Once the record is released in early 2011, a band will be assembled to begin playing live shows, and more music will be written and recorded. The music will cut through a typical genre label and appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes. The experience that J Migs has already had in the music industry and the following he has obtained will give him a leg up on starting a new band. He has proven himself to be a dedicated, innovative and driven individual who is open minded about music and the business of music. He has sold records and gained fans all over the world by using the internet as a tool to promote.
Through our shared connection we all can release energy and gain perspective on life through these experiences. By way of honesty, integrity, and the willingness to challenge the norm in music and in philosophy, we can all jump planes.


Swallow the Concept 2011

Set List

Atomic Sky Drip
Echoed Through
Moonlit Search Party
Floating Pagodas
Sun Burns the Night Red
...and we thought it would last forever