Jumpin' Jack William

Jumpin' Jack William


its like seeing, the inside of a generation, only to be left smiling with breaths of rejuvinated satisfaction. if you like fleet foxes then check out jumpin jack william


my music is free. its what ever you want. its music that makes you feel good, and all it requires for it to work is your participation.
i listen to raddest music there is, george harrison, paul kelly, crowded house, bob dylan, fleetwood mac, crosby stills and nash, joni mitchel, zeppelin, pink floyed, big brother and the holding company, you know music that embody's real human emotion and feeling. so naturally i try to write songs that embody elements and feelings of the older music because to me that is when music ruled the world, and a world that is wise to the true values of performance arts is a world i wish to rule in!


Adrian E.P.


Set List

tomato soup blues
On your way
superteam hallway
jesters got a gun
gypsie eyes
chasing the new moon
cowboys and indians

(additional songs for the set lists)

the valley
burning castles
babies all to dream
freight train blues in night
mothers lesson's
candle light s.p.
Angels arms
Golden Lion

i do 35-55 minute sets depending on running times. i have only ever done one gig with 2 sets and i loved it. really challenging, but i felt equalled to the test.