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Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Angry Pop"

Imagine a typical pop hit; steady rhythm, conventional structure and a nice key change at the end. You would be forgiven for ignoring Jump: Press A as members of the pop genre but their catchy melodies and lyrical hooks say otherwise. But this is a new brand of pop, this is angry pop!!! A rock/pop crossover with close harmonies, clashing guitars and off beat rhythms. Nothing conventional about that! But yet it is surprisingly easy listening for songs with such complicated structures. The pop classification seems perfectly valid and the angry edge sums up perfectly their hybrid sound. Their debut EP “in case of emergency” features three unique sounding tracks that seem completely mainstream while maintaining a wildly experimental sound. But this is controlled experimentation, pushed to the limits but pulled back before it becomes noise. Turned up to 11 but then listened to while wearing ear defenders.Convinced yet? No? check their facebook - The Scene Blog

"Informed Edinburgh 'In Case of Emergency' review"

Our roving music reporter Kitty MacCaig highlights her star gig this weekend…

Imagine Shirley Manson and Iggy Pop procreated. Then imagine that they rolled this Frankenstein’s-monster child in glitter, gave it a black eye and pushed it onto the stage. Ignoring for a moment the blatant child abuse connotations here, the pair would have succeeded in creating Jump: Press A – the local six-piece currently ramming their sound down the throats of Edinburgh’s music lovers and making angry grrrl (and boy) music fun again. Their debut EP, In Case of Emergency, which was released in February of last year, thrusts three mini epics into your head, with ear-bothering hooks and choruses that linger long after you’ve turned down the volume.

‘Bulletproof (Shot in the Head)’ highlights the band’s skill in multi-layering, with screeching guitars thrashing it out against syncopated drums alongside frontwoman Kelagh’s vocals, which switch from sugary sweet to raging mad at the flip of a switch.

‘You Are’ brings the tone down to a gentler, folky sound, demonstrating the range of the band’s musicality. It’s almost toe-tappingly sweet, but soon enough their ever-present rocky edge is let out to play, keeping the track from falling too far towards ‘ordinary’.

‘Only the Best Deserve the Fair’ begins with guitars so crunchy they’re almost painful, and before your ears have time to catch up, follows this up with juxtaposed video-game-soundtrackesque guitar riffs. With lyrics that are angry without being bitter, from a frontwoman who is strong without being intimidating, it’s clear the band have found their niche and are carving away at it with ease.

Jump: Press A play Henry’s Cellar Bar’s Halloween Extravaganza on Saturday 30th October alongside Hagana, A Fight You Can’t Win and Fatalist. On top of that, DJs, fancy dress and all kinds of Halloween shenanigans are promised. And it’s free.



Words: Kitty MacCaig Photos: Fourth Eye Photography - Informed Edinburgh

"Judges Comments at the Final of DaVinci's BOTB 4th July 2010"

Nobody can accuse this 6 piece band of watering down their sound which is uplifting, melodic and filled with urgency. Driven by strong riffs and a rhythm section that deviate from the strict succession of beats that are common fodder on our airwaves.

Augmented by keyboard and guitar patterns that weave through the battlefield of sound this band create a panoramic cacophony that is rare, remarkable and pure.

Jump: Press A demand that you not only listen but that you participate on every level. With sing along choruses often including different vocal phrases sung by four vocals they demonstrate an unerring understanding of what makes a great song and will, one day soon, make great records.

We need this band like a shot in the arm.
- DaVinci's

"BLAIZE Launch night at the Bongo Club 5th June 2010"

If it’s loud, energetic and awesome you’re after, Jump:Press A deliver in spades. The big stage at the Bongo suits this exciting six-piece well, allowing all the band members – from L-a on keys to Gavin on bass – their share of the limelight. Frontwoman Kelagh and guitarists Lesley and Ru take front and center and the band rip through a set full of powerful pop-punk tunes, each one of them blasting out like ballistic missiles full of guitar-driven fury into the appreciative audience.

Nora bangs out crashing rhythms on the drumkit as the band continue their assault, Lesley treating her guitar like a weapon of aural destruction as Kelagh’s strong and clear vocals fire out over the heads of the appropriately jumping crowd.

For all their sonic fury, J:PA’s songs are well-crafted and accessible, and by the time set-closer ‘Bulletproof’ comes along all too soon, they’ve shown why they’re gaining fans with every gig they play. - Edinburgh Spotlight

"Henry's Cellar Bar 7 May 2010"

The atmosphere inside Henry’s Cellar Bar is already hotter than an Icelandic volcano as Jump: Press A take the stage. They’re second up on one of the venue’s regular ‘Rock Chick’ nights, and the place is packed as they turn the heat up further by pouring their punk pop paraffin on the fire.

J:PA appear to take the admirable view that most things in life can be improved by adding guitars. Lots of guitars. I lose count of exactly how many, but the band’s blistering brand of ‘angry pop’ features six-strings aplenty. With drums, bass and keyboard added to the brew, their live sound is a melody-fuelled juggernaut with the accelerator rammed to the floor.

Ignoring the heat, they unleash an impressive set of gigantic tunes. Songs like Only The Brave Deserve The Fair and Bulletproof (Shot In The Head) are highlights; mighty white-hot melting pots of noise, with frontwoman Kelagh’s impressive vocals rising from the top as guitarist Lesley threatens to saw her guitar in half with a splintering display of aggressive axewomanship.

They look the part too. They’ve raided the punk rock dressing-up box, and they carry it off well: a pick and mix of hats, zips, scarves and skinny things creating a haphazardly cool onstage image – everything from bare chests and kilts (fret not, that’s the male guitarist’s get up) to stripey tops and fishnets.

By the end of their set, J:PA are threatening to self-combust – as much to do with their energetic & fiery performance as it is with the venue’s furnace-like qualities. They deserve the hot reception they receive and the encore they’re called to play.

You should jump at the chance to see these guys if you can – they’re tight, talented and know their way round a tune or two. And although places like Henry’s Cellar Bar do suit their style and attitude, it would be great to see them in a bigger venue – or at least one where the walls aren’t melting. - Edinburgh Spotlight


' In Case of Emergency' Three Track Sampler( March 2008)
'Only the Brave Deserve the Fair' BBC Radio One Introducing in Scotland May 2007
' You Are,' Only the Brave Deserve the Fair,' 'Bulletproof' and 'Masquerade.' Leith FM June 2009
'Only the Brave deserve the Fair,' Amazing Radio, jim Gellatly, July 2010
'You Are,' Amazing Radio, Aaron Philips December 2010



Jump: Press A are an energetic and dynamic band. Their unique brand of 'angry pop' sounds like the lovechild of Shirley Manson and Delores O'Riordan, thrust through a raging maelstrom of drums, bass, keys, guitars and close harmonies.

Jump: Press A's songs are multi-layered mini-epics with dark lyrics that strike hard against a background of quirky riffs and pop driven melodies. Live, the band take no prisoners and play every show with an energy and sense of urgency unrivaled by many of their contemporaries.

In 2009 the band self-recorded and produced a 3-track sampler CD entitled In Case of Emergency and have so far distributed over 700 copies in exchange for email addresses.

They had their first airplay on Vic Galloway's BBC Radio One show, Scotland Introducing and since have been played by Jim Gellatly (New Music in Scotland), Aaron Philips (Amazing Radio,) featured 3 times on Leith FM (including 2 live acoustic sessions), and have been included on numerous podcasts.

Over the last year Jump: Press A have played headline slots at Leith Festival, The Amnesty Bash and Edinburgh University's Freshers week. During the next 6 months the band has plans to release a live EP with a limited edition physical release and a mini-tour of Scotland and Northern Ireland. An acoustic album is scheduled for release in Summer 2011, and a studio recording is scheduled for Autumn of the same year.

They have been booked for the opening night of Leith Festival 2011, playing with the hotly tipped Aerials Up and have been asked to play with Face Tomorrow when they tour the UK.