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"Jump Seat Features Eclectic Musicl Mix"

It might well be the most eclectic original music of
today – a mix of pop, punk,
classic rock, rock and roll,
and red dirt all rolled into
one – by the Oklahoma
City band Jump Seat, which
features one of Oklahoma
Farm Bureau’s own.
John Guthrie, Information
System’s Lotus Notes
administrator, is a member
of the musical group. He
plays bass and does back up
vocals for the uncommon
three-piece group.
“We are three pieces,”
explains John. “We like the
minimalist sound.”
The group was founded by
Christopher “Kit” Fairchild,
who John says has “always
been in a band.” Kit, lead
singer and songwriter, was
a member of Animation,
a popular Oklahoma City
band. The third member of
the group is Pat Miller, the
Ironically, Pat is friends
with I.S. employee Linda
Israel and her husband,
Henry. Linda recommended
Pat for Jump Seat after he
played in Henry’s band,
Manifold Grace of God.
“We are family-oriented,”
says John. “There’s no
cursing, no drugs, no
sexual innuendo. We keep
it wholesome so people can
walk up with their kids and
While Jump Seat draws
upon several genres for its
unique sound, the group’s
choice for a performance
venue follows but one route
– festivals.
The reason for going the
festival route – with an
occasion fair stop thrown in
– is simple.
John says if the group
played clubs the audience
might be 80 to 100 people.
By playing festivals, it can
easily reach 1,000 to 2,500
people during a set.
“We could play at clubs.
But at festivals, you can get
a thousand or so to see you
play. It would,” says John,
“take months to reach that
many people in clubs.”
Most festivals also do
not charge admission, and
people can listen to the
group perform without a
cover charge.
John said Jump Seat tries
to perform at a least one
festival each month.
Jump Seat’s first CD,
Chronicles Volume One,
debuted May 1. It contains 10
songs, featuring the group’s
unique musical sounds.
All of the songs are
original. In fact, all songs
the group performs are
original so audiences never
hear a warmed-over rehash
of another group’s one-time
“A lot of the songs are
about Oklahoma, what we’re
made of and where Kit grew
up,” says John.
The CD was recorded
at the group’s Oklahoma
studio, and was mastered by
Disk Maker of California.
The first 100 CDs received
were marketed during Jump
Seat’s May 3 performance at
Norman’s Mayfair.
Another shipment of 1,000
of the new CDs arrived
shortly thereafter, and will
be marketed at other festival
dates this year.
Jump Seat is booked
to perform June 19 at the
Summer Concert Series in
Edmond’s Hafer Park and
returns to Norman July 12
for the Midsummer Night’s
John said the group will
also perform during the 2008
State Fair of Oklahoma.
“It’s great advertising.
A lot of the performances,
we don’t get paid for.
But we do get to sell our
He has a realistic hope that
the Oklahoma City Festival
of the Arts will call, and
invite Jump Seat to perform
at the 2009 event.
John says the group will
be keeping close track
of CD sales. A good track
record with CD sales can
help convince the major
labels to include Chronicles
in their marketing efforts.
The group also is
negotiating with Hasting
Records, Guest Room
Records and CD Warehouse
to sell its CDs in those stores.
Jump Seat recently won
the first round of the Bo-
Dog Battle of the Bands,
and advanced to the second
round. It finished fifth in
round two, which drew
bands from three states. That
finish has brought more fans.
Coupled with the group’s My
Space appearance, John said
the fan base is expanding.
“I want to be famous,”
John says with a smile.
“The others want to make
money. I’d like to walk in a
convenience store and have
somebody recognize me. I’d
be happy.” - Spotlight

"Edmond’s “Concert in the Park” at Hafer Park to feature Jump Seat live"

Edmond’s Concert Series, at Hafer Park, will host a live performance of the band Jump Seat on Thursday, June 17th at 7 PM.
Jump Seat will be in concert promoting their new album, titled Chronicles Volume I, features ten songs that sound like a mix of Rock, Pop, Punk, and Alternative. The album can be found at all three Randy’s M&M Locations in Edmond, who have agreed to carry the album. Their show is energetic and entertaining. This band will definitely have the audience moving their feet and having a good time while watching the hyper antics of the band members on stage.
Edmond’s Concert Series is a series of shows put on every Thursday during the summer. These live concerts, consisting mostly of local bands, are provided free as a public service to the community and sponsored by the City of Edmond. More information about Edmond’s Concert Series or about Jump Seat can be found on the internet at: www.cityofedmond,gov and www.myspace.com/jumpseatokc.
- Oklahoma Gazzette

"National Night Out is hosting a free concert featuring the band Jump Seat"

National Night Out is an event that individual neighborhoods put on every year and is sponsored by the National Night Out organization. This year’s event at Tulsa Park will feature food and fun for the whole family. The event starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 9 – 9:30 pm on Tuesday, August 5th. Last year brought out over 600 people to the event and media attention. This year’s event will feature appearances by the military and a tour of a medical helicopter. Also, there will be a concert by the band Jump Seat. The band will play from 7: 00 pm to 8:00 PM and should be able to do all the songs off their fist album that was released in mid-spring. The album, titled Chronicles Volume I, will be available at the concert for $10.
More information can be found at www.riverparkna.com or the bands web page at www.myspace.com/jumpseatokc
- Daily Oklahoman

"Free Concert: Rock band Jump Seat to play at Mayfair arts event in Andrews Park"

Norman’s Mayfair event, at Andrews Park, will host a live performance of the band Jump Seat on May 3rd at 4 PM. This concert is sponsored by Mayfair and will provide the community with free musical entertainment and add more variety to their already popular annual event. The band will play most of the songs off their new album and plan to have the CD available for sale at their live performance.
Jump Seat’s album, titled Chronicles Volume I, features ten songs that sound like a mix of Rock, Pop, Punk, and Alternative. Their show is energetic and entertaining. This band will definitely have the audience moving their feet and having a good time while watching the hyper antics of the band members on stage.
Jump Seat’s band leader, Kit Fairchild, says his band is perfect for an event such as Mayfair. “Songwriters are artist too. And the music I create is good for all ages. It is family friendly enough to be show cased at an art show, but with enough energy and excitement to spice it up.”
For more information about Norman’s Mayfair event, visit the Assistance League of Norman’s web site at www.norman.assistanceleague.org. Also, information about Jump Seat and the band’s new album can be found on the internet at www.myspace.com/jumpseatokc.
- Norman Transcript


Full length CD titled "Chronicles Volume I"
Songs availible for listen or download on myspace page: www.myspace.com/jumpseatokc



Jump Seat is a 3 piece musical group from Oklahoma City which sounds like cross between Alternative and punk with a classic rock feel. The group was founded by singer/songwriter Christopher “Kit” Fairchild, and was created for the purpose of showcasing his music. Other band members include John Guthrie playing bass and Pat Miller on drums.

Jump Seat’s mission is: “To create an album and market it to publishers for T.V., film, and video games, and to the general public for their consumption.”

The group’s plans for playing live include doing shows for art festivals and college events. Jump Seat’s music is very suitable to festivals that promote the “family friendly” label, but still wouldn’t mind spicing it up with an up-beat rock band. The chief songwriter for the band, Kit, does not use bad language or use suggestive themes in his songs. Most of his songs have to do with things you find in normal everyday life like love, friends, accomplishment, and basketball. Also, the group is very interested in publishing and song placement and all the songs on the album have been registered with BMI. The recently recorded album, titled “Chronicles Volume I”, is available to the public at the bands live shows, on the internet and at all Randy’s M&M’s music stores in Edmond, Oklahoma.