JumpShip inject style into Trip-Hop; an authoritative glimmer of the future resonating the passive, aggressive and progressive. Synthetic complexity is aligned with the acoustic nuances of cello and guitar to support an ecliptic, dark and disarming feminine vocal charm.


When a bunch of music geeks finally agree on something, it's often well worth the wait. The result; JumpShip. Born in the bowels of an old abandoned woollen mill, where the group combined electronic wizardry with period instruments (including a cello formerly owned by T.S. Elliot) to forge a distinctive sound which has extended beyond the crumbling walls and lofty rafters which gave them their first recordings.

The sonic breadth of JumpShip's musings is a reflection not only of the diversity of the group's influences (citing everything from Lamb to Steve Reich) but also a genuine desire to push the envelope. The group's sensitive juxtaposition of modern synthetic complexity with traditional song sensibilities is characteristically their own, and is further heightened by the alluring presence of vocalist Louise Coady, who embodies the intensity that is central to the group’s sound.

JumpShip's inquisitively titled debut album ‘whatisthisandwhy’ (recently released on the Naim Edge Label) has had a rapturous welcome. Produced by 'Head', whose experience working with artists such as Massive Attack and PJ Harvey has helped mold the group's sound into a cohesive and formidable force, the album boldly enters unchartered territory - encompassing everything from folk to electronica.

The driving hook-laden single 'Bumble Bees' has received national airplay and regular plays on BBC6Music, whilst a recent nationwide tour has led to further appearances at London Calling and inclusion in AIM's 'Best of British' CD. The addition of live drums to the group’s line-up has also added another dimension to an already dynamic and compelling live show, which in the words of one recent reviewer, was likened to 'having silk mashed into your ear with a lump hammer'.


Bumble Bees

Written By: Louise Coady / Jump Ship

Suits of armour, they can't help me,
When my head is buzzing like bumble bees.
Such little things can bring you to your knees,
When your head is buzzing like bumble bees.

Caked in concrete your pretty face
Left on the backseat,
I am wholly incomplete,
And restless is my name,
Too many coats to claim,
Too many hours to gain,
Try not to burst a...

Fever completes the situation
There's not a chemical equation
That could touch this ball of rocks
That fills my stomach up
My stomach up
And I've not got enough time to break it.

Still the enemy

Written By: Louise Coady / Jump Ship

You hold my hand when I am feeling scared
You understand when I am unprepared
You're my best friend but you are still the enemy
I've sold my heart, just to be with you in harmony

You are still the enemy

Take me home
Take me back and take me out of here
If you take me home
Just take me back and things will be ok

Home Soon

Written By: Louise Coady / JumpShip

Darkness keeps us safe
So hold on to your tears
We'll be home soon
Let your heroes guide your faith
And I know they're disappearing
But we'll be home soon

So cover your eyes
And I'll make sure that you'll be alright
As the time passes us
Cover your eyes
And i'll make sure that you'll be alright
Go to sleep
It's not your time

Silence keeps us safe
So hold on to your fears
We'll be home soon
Try not to be afraid
I know what you've been hearing
But we'll be home soon


Another day, another night
And this could be over
I know that you're tired of running
Another day, another night
And this could be over
And i know we're a long way from home
Another day, another night
We all need to hold on to something
Another day, just one more night
And this could be over
I promise you this...


Singles - Bumble Bees Single - currently receiving regional and national airplay including BBC6Music.

LP - 'whatisthisandwhy'. Released online and in stores nationwide September 22nd.

Set List

Usual Setlist:
Still The Enemy
What We Sow
Breathe It In
Bumble Bees
Breathe It In
Cello Interlude
Wishing Our Lives Away

NB. This encompasses roughly a 35 minute set although the order and length changes on a gig by gig basis. The band has sufficient material to play a 45 min+ set if needed.