Jump the gun

Jump the gun


Rocknroll baby, original not duplicated sound


One place to start is where we come from the unpredictable state of Oklahoma, The mid west is a meeting ground for culture.
With back grounds that stretch from east coast to the west. The Jump the Gun sound comes from all the experiences of life with a little imagination
just take a drug based youth going in the wrong direction until he sees the power of music, now his new drug is the stage, there is no better high
than a theater full of people in-sync with your music. Influences to old Rhythm n Blues , Rock-n-Roll, and Alternative , makes our sound
very unique and original. We are a young band , but not in experience most of us have been in bands since the 90's. Formed in summer 2009 our first ep is called
a demo in the dark it was made to book shows in our home town of Tulsa Oklahoma, but it went further than that, in December' 09 a writer for Slam magazine
heard our music on myspace asked us to enter a battle of the bands, so we did and got second place and a feature article in the magazine not bad
for a band that plays its first show on Jan.23 2010. Now with our debut CD coming out late winter 2010 we are looking to bigger horizons
2010 is the year of the Gun so watch out!


The Demo In The Dark 2009
you can find it on myspace
and Hear us on collage radio and KMYZ Tulsa's 104.5

Set List

Our seet list is about ten songs give or take a few. We play for about an hour and a half more if permitted,
here are some names of our songs: Ode to desperation, Five'oclock swisher, Nimbus king, advise you, More than plastic, UNconsciously awake, and many more
we do a good version
of the Aminals song House of the rising sun, we do more covers for fun but the originals are our best.