Jun Canny

Jun Canny

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Heartfelt rhymes over dope beats. Music and lyrics that stand for life and the love that it has to offer. Jun Canny. HUCollective.


Growing up in Savannah, Ga, Jun Canny has definitely been through his struggles of "being different". "I never wanted to be popular, just wanted at least one person to understand me and I never really understood the concept of trying to be something." Being completely alienated at school due to the fact led him to express his confusion with the world passively and through writing.
Writing his first raps at 7, before actually knowing about hip hop, was a genuine form of "beginners luck" which showed him his true potential as an artist. His musical influences range from the hardcore southern rhymes of Lil Boosie, the smoked out, loft friendly tunes of Curren$y to the psychedelic "door opening" lyrics of Jim Morrison. "Artists like Kid Cudi, John Lennon, Tupac Shakur, and Kurt Cobain really inspired me as a whole, not just lyrically, which in turn helped me develop my music and become more free, I hope my true messages to the world will bring a reminder of who we were, still are, and where we are going as a people"
An uncanny expression to the universe, manifests an artist with the name of Jun Canny.

written by Jamar Wilson


Private Stock (2012)
Private Stock II (Winter 2013)
On A Lighter Note (2014)