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"'2013' Album Review"

Miami's Junc Ops combines some of the better elements of South Florida music into a savvy and futuristic amalgamation that whets the appetite and satisfies the hunger. The work of PG-13 (Paul Gaeta) and Kentsoundz (Kent Hernandez) gels well with the assistance of Matt CNTRL on the cuts, and musically they all have a lot to say.

As soon as the cute intro concludes, the album rips into the title track with firm gusto. "2013" is an instant hit, the beats and samples flowing together as PG-13 bounces all over the track with tongue-in-cheek rhymes about imminent doom. (According to ancient Mayan prophecy, the world as we know it will end in 2012. Optimistically, Junc Ops has granted us an extra year and choose to focus on 2013.) That sets the stylistic direction of the album, which retains a paranoid doomsday angle yet encourages all to have a good time because, well, time's up. Sonically, there's a lot to enjoy here. The electronica/hip-hop fusion uses elements of old-school, funk, R&B, indie rock, jazz, and math rock. Thankfully that's harder on the eyes than it is on the ears. At times there are similarities between PG-13 and Eminem's flow, but aside from blunt honesty, their deliveries and punch lines are a world apart. Songs worth checking out are "Nickel Bag," "Satellite Eyes," and the closer, "Transformations." Fans of Aesop Rock and A Tribe Called Quest should have no problems with this outfit. Fans of sci-fi paranoia will like it too. - Broward-Palm Beach New Times

"Apocalypse Now"

Will the world end by the year 2013? According to local left-field hip-hop duo Junc Ops, the answer is a resounding yes. Conceived by producers PG-13 (a.k.a. Paul Gaeta) and Kentsoundz (Kent Hernandez), Junc Ops' debut album, 2013, is striving to put the weird back into the Magic City's hip-hop landscape. "The album's main theme," says PG-13, "is that the end is near, so let's live and love and celebrate our time here and be grateful for good friends and family."

Formed last year as an off-the-cuff side project, Junc Ops seems like a throwback to the early days of hip-hop, a time when conspiracy theories, karate movies, and science fiction were central topics for ganja-loving street poets. According to PG-13, the album's title refers to an ancient Mayan prophesy by Pacal Votan, a mystic who predicted the world's end by 2013. Whether PG-13 and Kentsoundz truly believe in the Mayan prophecy is uncertain; what's clear is they enjoy running with the apocalyptic premise, giving an air of X Files-style paranoia to the records' fast-paced 15 tracks.

While the rhymes are a reminder of hip-hop's past, the breakbeats are as futuristic as it gets. As a longtime producer of exotic beats, PG-13 — named Best Local Electronica Artist by Miami New Times — is well known for crafting hypnotizing instrumental tracks reminiscent of progressive hip-hop artists like Prefuse 73. For his part, Kentsoundz is a veteran of the Miami indie circuit, having formed, produced, and remixed several groups. His recent independent remix of the Brazilian Girls song "Pussy" drew raves from the critically acclaimed band and gives the new album a melodious hip-hop vibe.

Together the two create an extremely esoteric sound, full of wayward high-pitch synthesizers and robotic blipping bells that somehow achieve a pleasant melodic tone. But the big surprise of 2013 is not the sharp, futuristic production. Rather, the true revelation turns out to be Kentsoundz and PG-13's ease on the mike. For instance, take the title song, wherein PG-13 uses his sharp, nasal voice to let loose a torrent of rhymes dealing with government conspiracies, killer vaccines, and spying satellites, while Kentsoundz uses a vocoder effect to deliver the chorus "Karma is a bitch, all hail the machine."

Other cuts like "Rock Bottom" change the album's pace and lyrical style, with PG-13 delving into tales of hard living and despair. Yet the fresh production lends even the darkest songs a cool, undeniably danceable tap. And the anything-goes vibe of the eco-conscious track "Transformation" makes it clear the duo still holds hope for the future, however uncertain it may be. - Miami New Times


Existing in a world somewhere between the dreamy future-dread of Deltron 3030 and the incredulous "now" of Quarashi, Miami hip hoppers PG-13 and Kentsoundz fucking dominate under the guise of Junc Ops on their debut LP, 2013.

The great flaw of most not-quite-nerdcore basement backpackers is the quick shelf life of their ironic braggadocio. The best hook in the world can't be saved by punny rhymes equating a rapper's daily minutiae with gangbanging, and the conceit wears thin soon. But emcee PG-13 waxes simple tales of triumph and defeat with intimidating aplomb- the states' answer to Mike Skinner, if you will, and the disk's bumpy twilight clubscape from Kentsoundz is a sure to be imitated amelioration on classic Miami hip hop themes.

Already having held their own on the CMJ charts, Junc Ops is not only a duo to keep an eye out for. They are a force to be reckoned with. God forbid someone play things real. 2013 is available now on Circuitree Records. - New Jamz! Junc Ops is 5 Yrz. in the Future!


Debut Album: "2013" (Circuitree Records)

Debut on CMJ Hip Hop Charts: # 3

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A chance meeting between two Miami-based electronic musicians � PG-13 and Kentsoundz � led to the eventual recording of a glitzy hip hop track (�What Gives?�). Further meetings yielded exponentially diverse results. Both already leading successful solo careers, the two decided to form Junc Ops - a vehicle for positive, futuristic hip hop music infused with soul.

In late 2006, Junc Ops annexed the local live music scene; dominating one stage after another. Strong performances led to them playing alongside national artists such as Daedalus and Otto Von Schirach. Eventually, the group was featured in The New Times, Miami's leading independent Arts and Entertainment publication and PG-13 was named Best Electronic Artist in the 2007 �Best Of� feature. As the debut release was being constructed, the group was joined by DJ CNTRL whose turntable remix techniques transformed the Junc Ops live show into a mutant red-headed stepchild of contemporary Hip Hop.

Their debut album finds Junc Ops rhyming about failures, mistakes and successes until the world bottoms out in 2012 and begins again with 2013. Fusing PG-13's personal, hard-hitting rhymes with Kentsoundz� gritty and emotive productions, 2013 was released Feb. 21, 2008 via Circuitree Records. A single for the title track, featuring remixes by 000, Wake and Edentata will be released mid-year.

Unstoppable and irrepressible, Junc Ops debut LP' "2013" has already scored early successes with heavy college radio play, garnering a #3 on the CMJ charts in only two weeks!

Sounds like
Dangerdoom, Deltron 3030, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Aesop Rock, Outkast, Mr. Lif

About Circuitree Records
Founded in 2006 by Paul Gaeta, Circuitree Records is a Miami-based independent record label that produces high-quality music and merchandise (apparel, collectibles, etc.) for fans of honest, intelligent and diverse hip hop and electronic music. Circuitree has also hosted internationally recognized events, like "Cosmonautz," and �The Main Event� featuring electronic performers Richard Devine, Machine Drum, Jimmy Edgar,Mochipet, edIT, Take, Dublab, Carlos Nino, and more. Now joined by Kent Hernandez (formerly Production/Art Director for Fania Records), Circuitree also strives to bring a strong, dynamic visual element to its musical output.

For images and additional information, please visit: http://www.juncops.com