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From the minds of 3 of Miami's most talented electronic artists comes a prophetical Hip Hop-based project about our world at the dawn of 2013-a new world where almost anything is possible as civilization is reborn after an ancient Mayan culture's predicted humanity's cessation.


A chance meeting between two Miami-based electronic musicians � PG-13 and Kentsoundz � led to the eventual recording of a glitzy hip hop track (�What Gives?�). Further meetings yielded exponentially diverse results. Both already leading successful solo careers, the two decided to form Junc Ops - a vehicle for positive, futuristic hip hop music infused with soul.

In late 2006, Junc Ops annexed the local live music scene; dominating one stage after another. Strong performances led to them playing alongside national artists such as Daedalus and Otto Von Schirach. Eventually, the group was featured in The New Times, Miami's leading independent Arts and Entertainment publication and PG-13 was named Best Electronic Artist in the 2007 �Best Of� feature. As the debut release was being constructed, the group was joined by DJ CNTRL whose turntable remix techniques transformed the Junc Ops live show into a mutant red-headed stepchild of contemporary Hip Hop.

Their debut album finds Junc Ops rhyming about failures, mistakes and successes until the world bottoms out in 2012 and begins again with 2013. Fusing PG-13's personal, hard-hitting rhymes with Kentsoundz� gritty and emotive productions, 2013 was released Feb. 21, 2008 via Circuitree Records. A single for the title track, featuring remixes by 000, Wake and Edentata will be released mid-year.

Unstoppable and irrepressible, Junc Ops debut LP' "2013" has already scored early successes with heavy college radio play, garnering a #3 on the CMJ charts in only two weeks!

Sounds like
Dangerdoom, Deltron 3030, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Aesop Rock, Outkast, Mr. Lif

About Circuitree Records
Founded in 2006 by Paul Gaeta, Circuitree Records is a Miami-based independent record label that produces high-quality music and merchandise (apparel, collectibles, etc.) for fans of honest, intelligent and diverse hip hop and electronic music. Circuitree has also hosted internationally recognized events, like "Cosmonautz," and �The Main Event� featuring electronic performers Richard Devine, Machine Drum, Jimmy Edgar,Mochipet, edIT, Take, Dublab, Carlos Nino, and more. Now joined by Kent Hernandez (formerly Production/Art Director for Fania Records), Circuitree also strives to bring a strong, dynamic visual element to its musical output.

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Written By: P. Gaeta

I dont know the bible, never had time to read,

But I can say this for certain we exceeded our needs,

And Kane slew Abel, after Adam and Eve,

Copped the end of innocence from a friend in a tree

The rain became acid, the dirt concrete

They killed all the poets in the middle of the street

Lotta babies got AIDS from a new vaccine,

And a robot battalion replaced the marines!

There were mandatory chips in the necks of convicts

Satellite eyes nullified the Slick Ricks

Customized chicks with your choice of tits

Were genetically grown in a petri dish

It was all spelled out in a prophecy

written back in 1800 BC

We were too busy on a shopping spree

To heed the warning, NOW SOMEBODY TELL ME!:

What's Up?

Its 2013!

Put ya hands up!

It's 2013!

Get ya head up!

Its 2013!

New sound, new vision, new fucking scene!

(repeat chorus)

Oh, what's up now that our tanks are empty?

No fish in the water where we dumped our feces,

No reset button on this erring species,

No quick panacea for the greedy me-me's

They increased the gap 'tween the rich and needy

Sucked out the sap from the backs of black trees

Tapped every source till the Earth was spent free

And bombed every land 'till it looked like acne!

Sky turned grey and the wind was scorching-

Sci-fi wasnt a lie or red herring!

Governments did a good job at scaring-

The whole population into not caring,

How Mother Earth the provider was faring,

'Stead we spent our time gettin' fat and drinking

If you got a space ship you best get to steppin'

it's an inside job now the end is near!

(repeat 1st chorus twice, then...)

Fun's up!

It's 2013!

Put ya guns up!

It's 2013!

Time's Up!

Its 2013!

Karma's a bitch, all hail the machine!

(repeat 2nd chorus)

Human evolved into dinosaurs

Smart enough to build bombs that ended war

Once and for all, "what 'chya cryin' for?"

We did this ourselves, not a god or spore.

You can blame it all,

On the corporate whores,

But we let 'em pimp us out and be carnivores

The truth of it all lies in our pores,

Prolly do it again for a dollar more!

Its a little too late to reverse the process

The damage was done in the name of progress

Security involved preemptive defense:

"Blow em up before they corrupt our precepts!"

Im writing you now,

From a fleein' spaceship,

Hopin' you survive and somehow get this

I'll end this missive with a pensive sentence

We ran towards doom like kids to recess!

(Repeat 1st and 2nd choruses twice each)


Debut Album: "2013" (Circuitree Records)

Debut on CMJ Hip Hop Charts: # 3

http://www.juncops.com - INFO

http://www.juncops.com/promo -MUSIC, PICS,ETC.

Set List

Set lists run between 12-17 songs totaling 45-60 min.

the lyrics are a from "2013"

Our live show is where Junc Ops truly comes to life!

Many times original vocals are blended with popular hip hop, club, drum n' bass, or rock instrumentals in order to create live remixes. This is a unique aspect to our shows. The instrumentals are usually well known songs from the 90's and later. The crowd response very positive to our DJ's ability to blend many styles together with our MC's ability to flow over MULTIPLE beats layered together at the same time. This must be seen to believe!