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Junction Five

Rochester, New York, United States

Rochester, New York, United States
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"City Newspaper"

City Newspaper June 28 2006 “Yagotta hand it to anyone who still unabashedly flies the "alternative" banner. Where 10 years ago you'd have to suspect the motives of any band playing radio-friendly rock, Junction Five's members seem to really love what they play. As their material demonstrates, they also enjoy exploring formulas and putting new twists on them, which might explain why Junction Five has lasted while its peers dropped like flies.
Whether or not you're a fan of "modern rock," the band at least keeps a step ahead of your expectations and gives you nuances where other bands drown themselves in clichés.” --- Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

- Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

"Night-Life Magazine"

8/26/02 excerpted from a CD review that received 4 out of 5 stars.
“Junction Five’s “A Fairly Reasonable Life” is a groove-based acoustic jam, mixed with the best elements of funk, electronics and rock. From track 1 to 11 each song is different and my initial “liking” of this record turned into emailing and calling everyone I know to tell them about it. I don’t know anyone who would not be into this.. - Jaime Dombrowski

"Freetime Magazine"

Michelle Picardo called the 1st CD “A Fairly Reasonable Life” a top twenty Local CD of 2001. Here’s what she had to say after the CD release party for the latest CD “Missionglory Alphavader”. “On stage, these guys pull off a weird and wild combination of rock, funk, electronica, rap, tribal and pop, creating something quite unique, with three singers getting into the action, and a rhythm section (a.k.a. "Frog" & Donnie) working as the glue holding it all together. Somehow the band finds a way to translate all this onto their record, with stand-out tracks "Cannonball," "Quit My Job," "Flex the Wonderboy" and "Wooden Eyes" really getting my attention. This highly recommended release is especially admirable for its innovative take on melodic rock 'n' roll as they delve into a whole new area of sound....” 2/5/03-2/19/03 - Michelle Picardo


February 2003 “Junction Five wastes no time capturing your attention by delivering a new kind of music (they call it "electronic folk"). It's got the funky rock nodding to grunge thing going, but it's also got this sorta laid back, cocksure, ambient dub groove mixed in with a space rock vibe and stuff that give the band a new signature. Add to that strong vocals and a topflight production that is true to its own unique sound. This is the kind of album that gives you something a little different each time. Very highly recommended.” - Gajoob

"Best of WNY.com"

Good music. Almost a redundant term these days given the bleak landscape that is offered us by the corporate music machine. But there is hope. Junction Five has a new release titled MissionGloryAlphaVader. This is not jam, rock, alternative, jazz, techno or whatever, just good music, well constructed and well played.

“Cannonball” the lead off track starts with a chunky guitar riff before the band kicks in and follows a synth riff into a massive hook filled refrain. “Quit My Job” echoes the thoughts of every working man and woman and up and coming band. The dreamy “Sugar Cane Alley” is one of, if not, the best cut on the disc. Its atmospheric sounds and lyrics, with shades of Temple of The Dog, are perfect ear candy.”D112” starts with a soul groove keyboard intro that repeats throughout the song, the soul jazz mid break is also intoxicating.

Good music is the way to describe MissionGloryAlphaVader by Junction Five. - Bob Silvestri


January 2001 “A Fairly Reasonable Life” CD
January 2003 “MissiongloryAlphavader” CD
January 2003 “Live at the Water Street Music Hall” DVD/VHS



Junction Five is an explosive alternative rock band based out of Rochester, NY, with sounds similar to that of Sum41 and Taking Back Sunday. Junction Five is recognized by their catchy choruses and memorable melodies. They bring a fiery element to every show, which has secured them opening performances for Creed, Maroon 5, Sponge, Electric Six, Pilot Speed, The Tea Party, and more. They have licensed songs with MTV and have had airplay on over 90 radio stations across the country.

The band consists of guitarists Aaron Conn and Tommy Masters who have a longstanding history of playing together. The boys eventually picked up long time friend Mark Andrews on bass and then next scooped up drummer Ian MacDonald. With a college radio campaign that debuted Junction Five in the top 10 on over 20 radio stations, licensing with MTV, and an opening for Maroon 5, J5 began their push for a successful career. The 2008-2009 year has been a monumental success for the band.

Their name saturates the internet in full force. Junction five has been the featured artist on A2GMusic.com and in the Artist Spotlight at Grokster.com. J5’s song was awarded the #2 song on GigAmerica.com’s “Best of Top Ten” of all time. Additionally, Junction Five was voted #7 best guitar of all time, and #19 best male vocals of all time on Garageband.com and achieved “track of the day” on mp3.com and IUMA.com.

The press is no stranger to Junction Five either. Freetime Magazine says J5 is “rich with melody and smart lyrics.” Rochester, NY’s City Newspaper states, “…Junction 5 comfortably defies pigeonholing, and sounds good doing so.” Following a performance in Pennsylvania, a music major told The Centurion, “I was really feeling the smooth melodies.”

The band has appeared live on WOKR TV13’s morning show, The Zone WZNE 94.1FM, WBER 90.5FM, and WGCC 90.7FM. Radio stations across the country have been involved with Junction Five through a radio campaign launched by The Planetary Group. This has earned them airplay on Music Choice and Radio@AOL/Spinner.com. They have also been in rotation on over 60 CMJ reporting college stations and independent stations across the US and Canada. Nine stations previously debuted Junction Five in the top 30, including a #2 peak debut. MTV has licensed 7 songs for use in the popular reality shows; “Fraternity Life” and “Sorority Life.” In addition, Carlson Entertainment has recently licensed 7 new songs.

Throughout the years, Junction Five has opened for Creed, Maroon 5, Sponge, Days of the New, Electric Six, The Gay Blades, The Tea Party, Pilot Speed, Neverset, Socialburn, Jesus Jones, Jeff Healey, Tony C and the Truth, Twin-A, and more. They have showcased at the 7th and 8th Annual Millennium Music Conference, the M.E.A.N.Y. FEST 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2009 (NYC), and have received song placement on the A&R Network CD sampler. Some of the clubs and events they have played include Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, CBGB’s, The Continental NYC, Kenny’s Castaway’s, Crash Mansion NYC, The Elbow Room NYC, and more…