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"Interview with "Imperious Entertainment""

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IMPERIOUS: You are a graduate of Spelman College and a Law Student at University of Miami. How does one manage a music career as a graduate student?

June Jones: Well, balancing school and my music is somewhat of a struggle, but as the saying goes “nothing worth having comes easy.” I always try to make my class schedule very flexible so that I can travel to Atlanta for vocal coaching and recording sessions on weekends. Fortunately, I have been really blessed to have great people in my life that are understanding and willing to work with my busy schedule.

IMPERIOUS: How would you describe your music? What type of sound does it have?

June Jones: My voice is somewhat laid back and I generally like to work with tracks that have a hip hop or R&B vibe with a twist to them. I really just like to have fun when I’m in the studio and when I’m writing songs. I’ve heard a couple of people compare my voice to the group Zane from the early 90s or Tamia, which is a great compliment but I really want to make my own name in the music industry.

IMPERIOUS: What sets you apart from other singers in the music industry?

June Jones: I like to add a little something extra to my music. I try to make music that people can relate to and is timeless so that in years to come people can still listen to it and enjoy themselves. I stay away from trendy sounds and concepts, which can be difficult in today’s music industry because trendy is what gets played on the radio but I think making music that I believe in is what’s most important.

IMPERIOUS: With sexy superstars like Beyonce, Ciara, and Rihanna ruling the music game right now, do you feel pressure to be a sex symbol?

June Jones: I think there is some pressure to be a “sex symbol,” but I think there are many different ways to exude sexiness. It sounds very cliché, but when you are confident with yourself, THAT is sexy. I like a sophisticated look that has a modern element to it and that is what I consider sexy for me. I think as long as an artist establishes a look that works for them and rocks it with confidence the world will respect it, and next thing you know they might be the new definition of sexy.

IMPERIOUS: The music industry is a tough business. How do you manage to stay grounded and strong when others may not be looking out for your best interest?

June Jones: Since I love music and I’m in law school the natural decision for me in school was to focus on Entertainment Law (specifically music) so I know a little bit more about the technical aspects of the business than the average artist who is starting out. I’ve worked with entertainment firms and a record company so I’ve seen what is normal and expected of a new artist. Through my past job opportunities and encounters I’ve been really blessed to meet lawyers, producers, PR people and other industry insiders that have helped me get where I am today. My brother, who is my manager and co-writer, also looks out for me and makes sure my best interests are being handled properly.

IMPERIOUS: What do you think about the current state of music? Hip Hop specifically?

June Jones: My first reaction when this topic became an issue a few years ago while I was at Spelman College was that parents should raise their kids and not let the entertainment industry take on the responsibility of teaching children right from wrong; however, as the years have passed I think artists should take responsibility for their lyrics and try to come up with music that talks about more than sex and violence. Although it is ultimately the parent’s responsibility to raise their children, parents are not always around to control what their children are exposed to. I think it would be unfair to tell artists what they can and cannot talk about because that would take away from their artistry, but as a personal challenge I believe artists should aspire to be more creative and come up with concepts and lyrics that uplift the community.

IMPERIOUS: Who are your biggest influences personally and professionally?

June Jones: I look to my family and close friends for inspiration in my own life, as well as when I’m writing music. Real life situations lead the way to great songs because if one person I know went through a particular situation I know that there is someone else out there that can relate. Other people that inspire me musically are the artists from the “old school” that my parents used to listen to like Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight and other greats. Music from that time had such feeling to it that can still be felt today by people of all ages. I aim to make music like that.

IMPERIOUS: What artists and producers would you like to work with in the future?

June Jones: I would love to collaborate with Lil’ Wayne because he’s one of the hottest rappers out right n - www.imperiousent.com


Keep Movin - Available on iTunes



June Jones is just what R&B has been looking for, which is a good thing because shes been searching for music her whole life.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, June saw the music industry shift from a dominating New York based business to one that welcomed a little bit of Southern hospitality with open arms. Seeing local acts become successful on major labels helped June realize that big dreams were not too far out of reach.

June began doing talent shows while in middle school, blowing the competition out of the water. She soon added studio work to her experience with local artist and has continued performing and writing her own songs. She is currently featured on the latest CD by California born artist Crucial Point (Ptah Music) entitled Family Affair (album available soon), and will be on the upcoming solo album of fellow ATLien Big Heed (Hitmakers Warehouse).

Junes sound is a mix of R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz, and Pop. There will be something for everyone on her upcoming album The Good Life (Ptah Music), so keep your ear to the streets!