June 1974

June 1974



June 1974 is the solo musical project created in the 2009 by Federico Romano well known in the italian underground artistic scene as writer of :poetry,tales, novels and mastermind of these projects:"Lettere da Antartica","Visions"and "Il Bambino del Mai".
June 1974 is the artist's deep need to express his own immense universe also through music.
At the very beginning of 2010"Storia"debut album came out by american label Cauldron Soundwerx Productions ad it had good reviews and response worldwide.In the middle of 2010 the process of writing new songs started.Wait for the second album out in early 2011 in which there'll be as special guest singers Heather Downing,Ann-Mari Thim(Arcana/Seventh Harmonic singer ) and Virginie Goncalves(Kells singer).

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"Storia" album(2010) by Cauldron Soundwerx Productions