June April

June April


"June April is the Real Deal: jazz fluency, urban contemporary style, and deep spirituality, are evident in her compositions. It doesn't matter if it's the Saturday Night Function or the Sunday Church Service ... June April has it all covered." - Philadelphia Weekly


YOU UNDERSTAND THE VERY FIRST TIME YOU HEAR HER VOICE. Soft, yet Intense. At times pretty and melodic; at times raw and urging. Her vocal tone instantly captivates you, like a person you just met and five minutes into the conversation you realize you’re kindred spirits. Her musings hearken to a rich tradition while fulfilling the promise of an innovative future. This God-given voice belongs to a gifted, energetic, woman from the village of Harlem–June April.

“I remember when I was 8 years old and there was a Jazz festival on 125th Street. It started early in the morning and I made sure I got there early get up front. I was lost in the music. The harmony, melodies, improvisation and chemistry between the musicians transported me to another world. In fact, my family had gone home, without realizing I was still there. They came back and found me still absorbed in the experience.”

Her immersion into her craft led to Classical and Jazz music studies at Syracuse University, The Manhattan School of Music and the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College, where she received her Masters degree. Her journey continued, leading to opportunities to study or work with such Jazz luminaries as Lionel Hampton, Barry Harris, Ron Carter, Stefon Harris and Vanessa Rubin. She has performed at famous venues throughout the United States, Central America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The seeds of her musical apprenticeship blossom richly on her full-length debut, “What Am I?” “I want to have a conversation about the complexities of life, and what truly satisfies the human soul.” Indeed, “What Am I?” presents brilliantly arranged hymns and vibrant, original material. While rooted in traditional Jazz, the project also draws influences from June April’s Costa Rican roots, Bluegrass, R&B and Gospel music.

“Tick, Tock” features an infectious Neo-Soul groove. “I used to teach in the NYC pubic schools and I thought about all the talent those kids have. I want them to use their time wisely so they can reach their potential.” The title track, “What Am I?” redefines the term “power ballad”. It is a soaring, deeply affecting examination of life; it’s true purpose and meaning. You will hear the question you’ve asked yourself time and time again. “Faith vs. Fear” is a joyous, musical feast filled with incredible, nourishing performances from some of the best young Jazz musicians in NYC.

“Hey, I’m not perfect and I don’t take myself so seriously. I laugh at myself sometimes when I make a mistake. It’s okay, God still loves us.” June April’s faith, passion and optimism are evident throughout this project. The artist-turned-business executive will be working the concert stage, radio airwaves and the Internet in support of her fledgling label. An avid vegetarian, she encourages her audience to explore the healthier slice of life on her website.

Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Producer, Activist. Her name is June April.


What Am I?

Written By: June Gardner

Are there times when you are feeling oh so lonely?
Are there times when no one else can feel your pain?
Are there times you’re in a crowd and feel just empty?
Is this life I’m living all just be in vain

Then I think to myself
What am I living for?
What is my purpose for?
Could there be so much more?
Than I see if front my face

What am I searching for?
In my heart yearning for?
If I could just trust him more
Than what my faith can see

I a world of much confusion and such envy
I’m afraid I’m in despair to where’s my place
Then I’m praying to my Lord come down and save me
Too afraid of reaching out and lose my space


Then he reaches in compassion in a hurry
He assures me that he knows my weakest place
Then he calls from my heart, “Child, don’t you worry”
He holds me and gives this smile that on my face


Tick Tock

Written By: June Gardner & Louis Straker Jr.

Hanging on the avenue, Have a cigarette or two
Talking, preaching, thinking, singing, Nothing can affect you
Ya talking to your people, Trying to be so cool
Looking in the mirror, And you’re the fool

Fourteen years old, And ya think you got a man
Having grown up issues , With a lollipop in your hand
Bright cute and smart , And ya think you know it all,
Uh oh, watch out, oh no, Your, the next one to fall

Don’t delay
You think you got the time to work it out time won’t wait
Make a change
One day you look around you can’t erase the mess you’ve made

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, (Won’t cha come on), Tick Tock, Tick Tock (Cause times a moving)
Tick Tock, Tick Tock (Won’t ya come on), Tick Tock, Tick Tock (Yeah Yeah)

God says, what are you doing with your life
Moments moving on and you think your thing is tight
All your current issues take a toll on you
Ya almost going crazy and you don’t know what to do

I know you are searching, just like me
Cause I’ve been looking for the answer that could take this pain from me
I tried to do it by myself
Getting help from no one else
Only God can what your life the one to set you free.

The gift of time is heaven sent
Ya know you never, ever, ever have to pay for it
Make sure it’s well spent
You can use it you can lose it the choice is yours
But your time will be accounted for
Make the right choice


2007: What Am I?, Highlife Music Group
2004: Jazz Hymns, Highlife Music Group
2003: In the Garden of Thought, Stefon Harris, Blue Note (Guest Appearance)

Currently singles from "What Am I?" are airing on 80 stations in 12 different countries.

Set List

The June April experience includes primarily Jazz, with Soul, Gospel and Spoken Word. Each event is unique and our flexibility allows us to tailor our set to each audience.