Siblings Anthony, Pat and Laurie make up this high energy acoustic trio. Each singer/writer performs solo as well as with the trio. From introspective folk songs to hard-edged Texas-style rock--and places in between.


"He's a soy-guzzlin', tree-huggin' lactose-intolerant son of a ... Soymilk Cowboy..." With a little humor here, and a little humor there... From all across Texas to Colorado to California, the trio and solo singer/songwriters have played venues from funky coffee houses, to rock clubs, to country dance halls -- and Churches. With a large catalog of original material from humorous novelty songs, to alternative country, rock, folk, blues and pure Texas swing -- the lead vocals in the trio are passed from Laurie, to Anthony, to Patrick and back again -- all in chill-producing three-part harmony -- and ya know ya can't beat that SIBLING HARMONY.


Juneau - CD June 2004
Music Night - CD November 2006

KPFT's Lone Star Jukebox show in Houston, Texas, has been playing this new CD. Love Like Texas, Emily, and A Little Kiss have received airplay in 2007 and Love Like Texas was played on the December 2006 show as one of the top 10 new songs of 2006.
My Prince, Galveston Bay, Hard Hat World and I'm Falling for You have had airplay on Houston station KPFT's Lone Star Jukebox, as well as an in studio live performance on July 9, 2005.

Click the CDBaby.com link on www.thisisjuneau.com and you can hear portions of all songs from both CDs.

Set List

Usually 2 or 3 sets of one hour each

Originals (from CD*)

Cold Winter Rain*
Nobody Said
Somebody Else*
Hard Hat World*
Soymilk Cowboy
Music Night
Temporary Love
Wishful Thinking*

My Prince*
Out of My Heart*
Galveston Bay*
You Don't Love Me
It Would Sure Feel Right
I'm Falling for You*
Somewhere in the Back of Your Mind
All Mine
Don't Know Why
More Than Friends
The Cold Hard Truth
Smooth Talking Cowboy
Don't Tell Me You're Sorry
The Pain*
Dreadfully Wrong*
The Problem
Plain to See
Don't Talk to the Stars
Feel that Way Again
Walk Away
The Pain*
Love Like Texas

The occasional cover (or request)

Carmelita (Warren Zevon)
When I Fall (Steve Earle)
Angry All The Time (Bruce Robison)
A Million Tears (Kasey Chambers)
If I Needed You (Townes Van Zandt)
Ways to Be Wicked (ala Lone Justice)
and other folkish rock and country tunes...