June Bloom

June Bloom

 Washington, New Jersey, USA

A regional paper described our music as having "dreamy melodies [that] glide gingerly over cascading guitar solos and Santana power surges. The group meticulously patches together pieces of Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, harkening to the power trio heyday when bands were both lean and loud."


Back in the summer of 2007, Ryan Connors and John Kramer were in a band called the West. In their off-time, they would play covers with friends, including Peter Jennings, and they would go on to form a cover band, playing things like Jimi Hendrix and, especially, Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon." As time progressed, the West broke up and this side project became their main focus. Playing under the name June Bloom, Ryan Connors, Peter Jennings, and John Kramer began to write original music and started to record some demos. Former West member, Peter Motzenbecker, came aboard to record, mix, and produce their first studio effort. From there they started playing local gigs and winning "battle of the bands" and recording a second album called "Pebble Beach." Over the last year, they have played numerous shows in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania and have been working on writing and are now recording their newest album, "Siege."


We've released one album called "Pebble Beach," with our sophomore album, "Siege" on the way.

Pebble Beach:
1) Yesterday is Over
2) Neptune
3) You Had Me At Hello
4) Grassy Knoll
5) Reason To Live
6) Once Upon A Time Ago
7) W.E.B DuBois
8) You Are The One
9) Stanberries
10) The Sun
11) Speak To Me Somehow
12) Pebble Beach

Set List

We like to keep it fresh. We mostly like to play our originals and throw in one or two unsuspecting covers.