June Millington

June Millington


June and Jean Millingon, 2 of the core members of the all-girl group Fanny ("the first all-female rock band to be signed to a major label and achieve international success") team up to deliver their driving rock roots to an audience hungry to see women who have never stopped slamming.


Beginning with ukeleles in the Philippines, the sisters moved on to electric instruments in the '60s, playing in clubs (rock/pop/Motown) as they learned their craft. By 1969 they were in Hollywood recording in the group Fanny, and the mid-70's saw them collaborating but singing and playing with others (Jean sang on Bowie's "Fame", June played with Cris Williamson in the genre of women's music). From 1983 on they released a series of albums that reflect a deepening of influences ranging from disco to to funk and reggae, but never abandoning the solid and electric groove they were known for from the beginning. Add to that their vocal sound and lyrics and you have performers who are unique and rock like no one else on the planet.


Melting Pot

Written By: Melting Pot

Everyone here, got something to say
Different cultures, and ways to convey
Our humanity, individuality
The right - the Right
To be who you wanna be
To own a gun
To have safe sex
Eat Chicken chow fun
We have the right to work,
To hold a job - to have virtual sex,
Or to be Joe Bob ...
As a bi-racial woman, of mixed descent
There's been many a time
When I didn't have a cent
Does does make me special?
I say "HELL, NO!" but it makes me
compassionate of where I wanna go
Where you come from?
Hey, I pay no mind
In God we Trust, let the higher-ups decide
And if color means, so much to you
Try to rub yours off, let's see what you can do:
Melting Pot!


albums: "Fanny", "Charity Ball", "Fanny Hill", "Mother's Pride". Singles: "Butterboy", "Ain't That Peculiar", "All Mine". Album's, CONT'D: "Ladies on the Stage" "Heartsong", "Running", "One World, One Heart", "Ticket to Wonderful", "Melting Pot".

Set List

45 minutes per set, varied content from Rock - "Welcome (to the Real World)" - to funk ("Understanding") - to ballads and island-tinged songs ("Coconut Mentality"). All are original. If inspired, they may break into a Motown song or two!