Memphis, Tennessee, USA
BandHip HopR&B

June, born in Memphis, TN, is an American recording artist and song writer. He originally became known for his 2009 single "My Lady " featuring Devin Devaughn, giving June an established fan base throughout the south and midwest. His debut album, Pursuit of Music, is releasing mid May 2011.


Bobby Gene Walton Jr. (Born April 14, 1989) in Memphis TN, also known as June, is an American recording artist and song writer . He originally became known for his 2009 single "My Lady " Featuring Devin Devaughn. June was introduced to music with his younger brother Travis "Teddy" Walton in their early childhood. With June's songwriting skills and Teddy's ear for production, June has established a fan base thats ready for him to explode in the music industry. Originally from " Westwood " Memphis TN, June's hard working Dad and dedicated Mom made sure he and his siblings had the life any child would dream. Even though June grew up in the 90 's , when TV was in style , June's Dad only played the radio in the house. " I remember every night when my dad got off work , I would pull his socks off and sit in the chair beside him and listen to the blues ". Despite that he didn't understand what soul music was, he liked it because his dad liked it. When June was 8, his parents got divorced and everything became confusing. The only thing that wasn't confusing was MUSIC . June's second home became Columbia, Mo and he was forced to take the role as the "DADDY" for his younger brother Teddy. One night June decided to play some music with Teddy, But Instead of just listening, they started to make their own songs. The rest is history.


in process of debut album, Pursuit of Music.