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June's Arrival

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"June's Arrival"

"With thick power chords layered with acoustic strumming and an ear for radio-friendly rock, June's Arrival write catchy songs on their four-song demo. Eric Bleile's earnest vocals imbue these songs with emotional power without resorting to either extreme of sounding wimpy or bombastic. Flanged guitar, soaring strings, and the struggle for freedom make "Spinning Cocoon" a sweet power ballad that belies all the usual negative connotations of that term. "Carry The World" has some funky breakdowns and rippling organ. Their sincerity and musicianship makes this tired formula almost sound fresh again. (Contact: www.junesarrival.com.)"

-- Patrick Conlan
The Illinois Entertainer - Illinois Entertainer


June's Arrival have released two demos, each with four songs. All of our music is available for free download on our website. We are currently recording our third EP, and the single "Conquer" from our last demo plays on Chicago's 94.7 FM "The Zone".


Feeling a bit camera shy


June's Arrival formed three years ago, and from the beginning it's path was clearly distinguished from most Chicago bands. Within months, June's Arrival had a steady following of highly dedicated fans and was offered opportunities to play Chicago's premier rock venues. The fans have remained intensely loyal and the fanbase has only grown-- so have the venues. June's Arrival is a success because lots of people believe in us.

June's Arrival's members have widely varying influences, musically. Singer Eric Bleile and drummer Anom Lane prefer modern and alternative rock, bassist Luke Lin enjoys an eclectic mix of music from the past 4 decades with an emphasis on film soundtracks, and guitarist Michael Young thinks mainstream rock records stopped being great in 1976. June's Arrival's music is the result of a negotiation process of trying to integrate and satisfy each member's aesthetics.

The original music of June's Arrival resonates with people because the band does not sugar coat life. We're not afraid to talk about the issues that can make life most difficult and disappointing-- but our music advocates the viewpoint of empowering one's self by making peace with life and moving on. "Conquer" and "Change" best personify this characteristic.

June's Arrival brings an addictively positive energy to the stage-- bring us baggage-laden modern people, and we will turn them into raving rock n' roll lunatics.