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June Simon

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"“Love In Your Eyes”"

June Simon has a voice that is a substantial throwback to the vocal quality made famous in the 30s and 40s, in particular the kind of vibrato and soprano that graced Disney movies and what was a cross between trained operatic and popular music. Her CD, "Love in Your Eyes", is a 14-track adult contemporary collection of original music composed by Emile Simon and lyricist, Pierre Grill, arranger. The musicianship and arrangements are sweeping in scope and in support of June Simon's revered pure and technically classic voice. The CD opens with the gentle title-track, and Simon's vulnerable and mature vocal approach sincerely emotes over the sentiment of shared compassion and partnership. The following track, "Carmel By the Sea", includes a beautiful flute passage as a bridge between Simon's melodic statement about the Northern California popular ocean spot. Track 6, "Shadows", is one of the highlights of the record as Simon applies her vocal to a bare piano in a song that transports the listener to a Broadway stage in musical soliloquy. The minor key and dramatic composition make way for waltz-timed violin voices that penetrate. Track 11, "Never Ask Me Why", has a samba-ish groove that works well with Simon's vocal. She sings, 'many glaciers melt away and no one knows at all, how the mountains dwarf the valleys when they shade the land. .never ask me why'. The final track, "My Quiet Paladin", ends the collection with a triumphant and conclusive performance as Simon sings of a hero's homecoming. The CD is sumptuous and joyful and those who appreciate the style of the unfettered soprano voice of eras gone by will relish in the beauty expressed by Miss Simon and her musical collaborators. We look forward to more.

- EarBuzz.com

"I applaud June Simon"

“I applaud June Simon for her strength and determination in continuing to work within the music community even while silenced with her own tragic illness. That generosity of spirit, I'm sure, led in part to her miraculous recovery. The song bird has returned to her roost.”

Nette at NetteRadio


- Nette at NetteRadio

"“Waltz of Love”"

“It isn't often I have the opportunity to review someone of June Simon's, talent and caliber. This beautiful album opens with this track took me to a riverside Café in Paris with a beautiful sunset. As the album progressed it was soon clear that the vocal talent was beyond belief. One of the songs that stands out for me is “Honolulu Sunset” this song really shows the capabilities of June Simon and her musicians, taking the album in a different direction. The quality of the album is second to non and the song structures are very strong. By the time I had got to “Quietly I Love You” I was hooked. Reading through June's life story and having now listened to “Songs of Love” it is a true honour to have been introduced to June Simon's album. She is an inspiration to others out there”.


Helen Finch — UK

- Helen Finch — UK

"Song: Arizona"

June Simon
Song: Arizona

Style: This has a warm, authentically western feel - the "loping" shuffle evokes the feel of being on horseback.

Melody: Good music in choruses Memorable "hook" * Catchy melody in the chorus. The Verse melody has a lilting quality.

Structure: Nice flow between the sections

Lyric : Cohesive Unique * I like your story...

Title: It works here- you repeat it just the right amount to establish it as a 'hook'. Overall Comments: Melody: ....That is appealing... - While this is not quite in the style of contemporary country music, you have captured the spirit of the old West here beautifully and your voice shines through as a testament to a style that we don't get to hear often enough these days.

- Taxi Review

"Carmel by the Sea"

TAXI Review of Carmel by the Sea
June’s beautiful, heartfelt vocal approach and romantic imagery suits this melody. June’s work is consistently evocative….broadway influence #1 with a theatrical air to her clear vocal timbre, phrasing and deliberate reading of this melody. It is clear this place resonates inside of her…

- TAXI Review


Newest single: "Time To Meet Again"
Just Released: The June Simon Show, "The World Still Turns" DVD
Latest Album: "Love In your Eyes"
Radio Airplay: Love In Your Eyes, Carmel By The Sea & Bridge of Time.
Other Albums out: "Songs of Love","Thousand Kisses", "Give Me Your Hand", "Country Secrets","Stars In You and Me", "Turn The Time Around", "Love in Your Eyes", "Find Your Dream", "Black Gold"
The June Simon Show ( Available on DVD)
"Dress Of Life", "Bridge of Time", "A Northern Christmas with June", "Carmel By The Sea"
"Saddles In The Grass", "Love Will Always Live"
"Never Give It Up", "Dreamcatchers"
"A Musical Journey"



I am living proof that life is not over at 40+!!! For me, music, singing is about connecting. I cannot sing something which makes no sense - I can sing nonsense but it still has to make sense! My audience is mature, successful or working at it. I love to reach them with positive music, positive thoughts. I have suffered a lot in my life and many times thought I would not conquer this condition - but I did. Not only did I conquer this illness but my voice returned stronger, better than ever. Many times when I perform, people wonder why my magnetism reaches out to them so strongly - my response - every morning I am happy to be alive and I want you to be happy as well. Even if my song is sad, the lyrics and music will admonish people to look toward a better future. My music is full of life, love and relationships which adults can totally understand. Even when life throws a curve ball - in our music we show the silver lining.