Austin, Texas, USA

Genres are no longer relevant. We swirl together the old and new, the urban and rural, the black and white. No style is out of range, and any vibe is fair game. If you have any taste for soulful melody, innovative songwriting, or head-bumpin beats, we are EXACTLY what you've been waiting for.


Scott Standley and Danny Yirgou started playing music together in high school. After exploring each other's rock, blues, and hip hop influences, they brought in Chris Saad, the famed drum line captain, to provide a bombastic rhythm section. After 5 years of developing their sound, studying music more deeply, and experimenting with other groups (Drumjam, UT Jazz band), their dream album was finally assembled. Jungleset completed this album using the stunningly soulful vocals of Meggan Carney and the venerable chops of UT bassist Tom Crail. Now, with 7 years experience mounted from all corners of the musical spectrum, and the perfect rock-fusion album assembled, Jungleset is releasing their insight to the world. Take a listen.


Different Kind of Crazy

Written By: Standley, Yirgou

there's a creature in your throat throwing voices at me
let him talk and he'll want to talk more
more words come out at me, that grinning grackle sent 'em
so we both get played by mouths like muted horns

go roam free
to every hole you can find
I said don't come here
or the sun won't shine
and you'll burn us all like hot knives
and go soak in distractions to survive

black hole you stare
better than us all
just costs a small fare
to unplug from it all

ooh what a brave tongue
so proud that it can let those hot words out on everyone
I hear laughing inside
says she's speaking her mind
just one little slice of oblivion pie

black hole you stare
and smother blank minds
just costs a small fare
just costs a small fare

but the places in your head
are hazy at best
makes you feel like the human sponge
just soaking in this shit like 'pick your poison'

black hole you stare
and shoot down my spine
yeah it makes us crazy too
just a different kind

Spider Song

Written By: Standley, Yirgou

And I'll know
and I'll feel

you don't try hard to leave alone
you're going home
for the easy burn
and knock right into the eastern wall
all alone, all alone

so come one, come all
cuz when that thought comes around
suddenly it's not worth returning to the ground

you don't try hard to leave alone
you're going home
westward on
knock right into the eastern wall
all alone, at the spider's home

you come ablazing
you weave the web just to make it fit
come 'round and test it here

don't feel? what's the connection?
don't train? I sell protection
It's hard to get respect and
gonna come back to be helped some
don't feel? what's the connection?
oh no, losing protection
It's hard to get respect but
this love has saved before
and it can take a lot more
the hardest part brings the best reward


Written By: Standley, Yirgou

no more awakening
to the rude, hard, and unforeseen
don't burn at all
this time we stall

I'll buy the float
you look for somewhere to take off from

bad news
we're in the endless wild
with nothing but icy sky for miles

oh the entire sea
shot down my eyes
a float, then a dive
oh the entire sea
opened inside
so deep, so wide

I've tried it so
come out sometime
seeds strive for sunshine
we follow suit
a new place with allies
and brand new times
drop net, drop net, drop net

no escape for miles
just sit down and fly home
don't tell me it's not there
it just followed me everywhere
you're searching
you're searching now
close those eyes up and down


Written By: Standley, Yirgou

the science to move
you're looking for
the science in me
it's turning stones

with my decisions we are bound to roam
so I might decide to
yeah with my convictions you are all alone
so I will not try to
write 'em down, write 'em down

answer to the question mark
the scenery falls apart
to the spry dead with their pumping hearts
just give me my ascension scandal
maybe I'll confide in you
and you alone
with these superstitions, my god!
and when we decide to, I will
make this place dance in time

(let those muddy waters roll in)

remind me again, what the source is
I don't see the point of looking for more
what if I'm supposed to be wrong?
what if being alone makes you ten thousand strong?
these spinning hands move so easily
how they turn
how I'm pushed up to my feet
systems all end
systems all end
systems all end
and then this one
and then this one
this system begins


Written By: Standley, Yirgou

the pain the massive loss
was scorched all on their faces
they weren't running from the bullets anymore
but towards us so we'd have to face them
(getting by with just your cunning)
it's all insane
(you're packing. what's so funny?)
the whole world's a parade yeah

I saw your people in need and did nothing
just a passerby. just a passerby parade
on parts of the living
with heads to the sky

they don't care if it can't continue
the motioned body, the venue
it's so splendid for you
I should call you the finisher the finisher
yeah the finisher you'll be finishing her
and it's not you it's not you
it's just that thing inside you
that thing inside you

sometimes it takes a certain face to face for me
are you still interested if it won't last the night?
cuz every moment alone it's something to think about
but you won't sit down, you're breaking out
you're headed
down to the court to solve it
mark it
the face to face. the feelings.
drop 'em too
you know what they do
you know it's true