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Freedom Town (2008)

1 - Jungle Traffic (streaming on MySpace)
2 - Live In The Moment
3 - Time Away (streaming on MySpace)
4 - So Lonely You (streaming on MySpace)
5 - What Are You Fighting For (streaming on MySpace)
6 - The Story That Never Got Told
7 - People Come People Go
8 - Remember The Days
9 - NQ (streaming on MySpace)
10 - The Bender Bomb (streaming on MySpace)
11 - City Of Angels
12 - Freedom Town



Planted in the attic, watered on the back deck, birthed in a squatters hut, a jungle project. ..

In a city where experimental beats and rhymes drift from every café and bar, sometimes the creative can become muddled with the chafe; it takes something special to rise above the rest, to make a name amongst the many. Jungle Traffic are the experiment, the taste, the fresh beats and breaks that has the music industry sweating in anticipation.

Traffic are a twisting visceral form of hip-hop sound, stripped back to the raw elements of dub beat and folk convention. Through a combination of reggae, blues & roots and hip hop, they have created a forum of new ideas and achievements; upon which their futures will be writ.

Traffic are emcees GC Jungle and Zan Traffic, Wolf on guitar and vocals, Bandar on percussion, Altek on decks and Luke on Saxophone. Together they have formed a dynamic expression, adapting sharp verse and fluid rhythms into a fresh new showcase of Queensland Hip Hop. It’s a sound they like to call ‘Lounge hop’; something you can bounce to and something you can lounge to!

Polishing this talented group are the smooth skills of Space Ghost Studios and local engineer Sam Grace (The Optimen, Bankrupt Billionaires, Pure Product, Serenity and The Turntable Jediz). This union brings the technological know-how to mould the ‘Lounge hop’ sound into a living, beating pulse of experimental achievement. Their skill demands attention; their sound will hold it; their depth will keep you coming back. Introducing Jungle Traffic’s debut album, Freedom Town.

Freedom Town is a journey of redemption, a search for meaning, a tale of our cities and signpost to its exit. It is thought in us all, that just below the surface the jungle is waiting, urging us to break free, releasing us from the self imposed bonds of societal conformity and taking us back to our roots. Freedom Town is the place we all seek, a place of union, a place removed, a place of acceptance and a place we find through our music.

But Jungle Traffic are much more than a simple combination of style and genre; they are much more than the effortless notes and beats that roll across their dance-floors. Jungle Traffic are the feeling you get when you hear a song for the first time, the tingles down your spine, the head-nodding unwittingly, that happiness you feel as the crowd rises as one with their arms raised in unison, sun beating down and a breeze on your face, when the beat drops on the very pulse as the bass pushes through your body and explodes through your chest.

And then, when the dust settles, when you’ve caught your breath and shaken free of the euphoria that gripped your body momentarily, then and only then, will they play their second track.