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The best kept secret in music


"Salinas Rodeo and Cowboy Gathering"

In mid-July, headliners Juni Fisher and Dave Stamey wowed the crowds at the 18th Annual California Rodeo Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Salinas. They were joined by John Silveira, Jim Ross, Karen Ross, Jess Montana, Clem Albertoni, and the ever-popular Monte Montana, Jr., who was the able and entertaining emcee.

Cowboy history runs long and deep in the Salinas Valley, where the poetry and music event takes place in conjunction with the Calfornia Rodeo ("ro-day-o," as it is said in these parts) that was marking its 95th year. Over 45,000 rodeo fans find their way to Salinas during the Rodeo, and Rodeo Marketing Director Sally Hamana, who opened the Cowboy Poetry Gathering show, commented that the event is one of her favorites of the "Big Week" celebration.
Juni Fisher, 2005 AWA Top Western Female Vocalist, who looks as stunning as she sounds, held the crowd in the palm of her hand. The complex songwriter's set included her takes on "the rest of the story" of Marty Robbins' "El Paso" and Tom Russell's "Gallo del Cielo" (her AWA-nominated song is called "Ghost of Del Cielo"); "He'd Be Home By Now"; the sweet and strange "Sideshow Romance"; and other tunes from her most recent CD by the same name. The crowd begged her to stay and were rewarded with encores.

- Ropeburns Magazine, Cowboy Poetry.com, News from the Bar-D Ranch

"Tumbleweed Letters Review"

Review by O.J. Sikes for Ropeburns Magazine and Western Way Magazine

Tumbleweed Letters
- Juni Fisher
R.G.R.- 02021
I hear most of the recordings that our genre issues, and it's been a long time since I heard one as interesting and as well-done as this one. It's unique; it's Western all the way, but it's not like any other album I've heard. The sound is predominantly acoustic, but after awhile you don't notice when electrification or percussion comes in. It doesn't really matter. It's all good music.
There are 11 cuts, each different, each masterfully arranged and performed. Each depicts a different aspect of the West. There's even one from the perspective of a milk cow, and one from that of a cavalry mule! And Juni's delightful sequel to "Sierry Peakes" is here, too.
But on the more serious side, there are several wonderful songs I found captivating, like "The Same River," "I Can't Complain," "Chinaman Jack" and others. My favorite, though, is one titled "Red Velvet Slippers," inspired by Marty Robbins' classic, "El Paso." I've already programmed that one on my internet radio show and I'll bet lots of radio folks will be doing the same! - Ropeburns Magazine, Western Way Magazine

"Sideshow Romance"

Sideshow Romance/ Juni Fisher

by O.J. Sikes, Ropeburns Magazine
Western Way Magazine

In case you haven't heard Juni Fisher in concert or you missed her last CD, she has remarkable talents, both as a singer and a songwriter. You get a
full dose of both on this new CD! There are 12 songs on this acoustic album, all originals except for a couple of traditional songs that take us back to
some of the Irish roots of Western music. But it's her her own compositions that impress me most. One picks up where "Sweet Betsy From Pike" leaves off,
but from the perspective of the rooster! Cute lyrics, great melody and rythym,delightful all the way around. Another favorite is a balled called "Blue-eyed Saddle Tramp,"
and still another is the album's closing track, a wish for a "Well Traveled Trail." There are plenty of others that are sure to please,
like the story of Billy the Kid's mother. And whether you know Tom Russell's "Gallo del Cielo" or not, you'll sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the ending of Juni's new "Ghost of del Cielo."
Her "He'd Be Home By Now" followsthe theme of real life for women on the frontier, a theme she's written about before. A refreshing collection, beautifully done. - Western Way Magazine, Ropeburns Magazine

"Ghost Of Del Cielo"

"Folks are always asking me why Gallo del Cielo had to die. Americans don't like un-happy endings. Well, Juni Fisher has fixed all that. "Gallo del Cielo",
or his son, rises up out of the ashes and comes back to battle Zorro....it's like the return of "Casey at the Bat" or "El Paso City". Well done, Juni.
Justice prevails in the dusty cock pits of the mind."
Tom Russell
El Paso, TX - Red Geetar Records

"Folks talk about Juni Fisher"

Cowgirl Balladeer

"Her voice is gorgeous...with power and a technique that is dynamic. In my opinion, she's the best in our genre"
Joe Hannah, Sons of the San Joaquin

"Juni Fisher has the uncanny ability to write songs that plumb the depths of your heart. First, her melodies captivate you and then her stories hold you spellbound. Her music gives voice to the soul."
Michael Fleming,
Director, Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival
Arts and Events Supervisor
City of Santa Clarita

"I was so impressed that I immediately shared her music with two of the best western songwriters today - Dave Stamey and Tom Russell. In fact, Juni is the female version of Tom....she writes on the raw edge yet with melodic refrains, provacative yet within bounds, soulful yet always western, imaginative yet her stories are based on the way it was out West, can be humorous yet poignant and she aims for your heart, soul and gut. Juni Fisher...yep, you'll be hearing a lot about her from now on....you can bet
the ranch on it!"
Gary "Cowboy Jack" Brown
Founder, Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival

"Folks are always asking me why Gallo del Cielo had to die. Americans don't like un-happy endings. Well, Juni Fisher has fixed all that. "Gallo del Cielo", or his son, rises up out of the ashes and comes back to battle Zorro....it's like the return of "Casey at the Bat" or "El Paso City". Well done, Juni. Justice prevails in the dusty cock pits of the mind."
Tom Russell, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Legend
El Paso, TX

"Juni Fisher's warm and expressive voice draws you deep into her stories from the first notes. She is, moreover, a grand lyricist and crafter of melodies, and a consummate storyteller. Though she is one of Nashville's great undiscovered secrets, she won't be for long!"
Ranger Doug, Riders in the Sky
Nashville, TN

"... she can put a twist on a western tune like a 6 year old bull on a hemp rope."
Wylie Gustafson, Wylie and the Wild West - Red Geetar Records



Tumbleweed Letters, 1999 Red Geetar Records
Sideshow Romance, 2004 Red Geetar Records
Cowgirlography, Jan 2006 Red Geetar Records
Red Velvet Slippers
I Will Miss Ireland
Sierry Boots
The Same River
Just Doin' My Job
If This Ain't Jesse James
Tumbleweed Letters
Ghost Of Del Cielo


Feeling a bit camera shy


Luckily for Juni Fisher, her parents took notice when the then five year old played songs on her toy harmonica, and plucked out melodies on her red Roy Rogers guitar. And they did not listen to the heavy handed piano teacher who punished the child for playing by ear, and who told them they were wasting their hard earned money. Instead they found a kindly teacher who was willing to throw away the book and simply teach Juni what she needed to know to be able to play her first guitar. A lifetime of second nature guitar playing ensued. She worked her first paid gig at ten, and earned a heady ten dollars. At eighteen, with more than a dozen years of stage appearances behind her, Juni began work as a dance orchestra vocalist, and later as a rythym guitar player and singer in a myraid of country and even bluegrass bands.

Though she did write a few forgettable songs as a child, in her late twenties Juni buckled down to learn the craft of songwriting. Talking to anyone who would talk, and playing songs for anyone who would listen, she perfected her craft. The life of a horse trainer seemed to suit her, but one day, as the wear and tear of the life she'd grown to love began to wear her down, she made a decision to chase her quest for honest music. Life took Juni to Nashville, and she hit the songwriter scene there, but realized that the formula for country hits was not the formula for the kinds of songs she wanted to write. Songwriting great Micky Newbury told her to forget Nashville and write what she felt in her heart.
Juni's influences range from Marty Robbins to Roy Acuff. From Joan Baez to the Sons of the Pioneers, and more recently, Dar Williams, Tom Russell, and Joe Ely. The world of Western music, with it's many sub-genres welcomed her gritty, folky, Celtic tinged style, and her prairie pure, direct vocals are a perfect complement to her critically acclaimed songs of the people of the West.
She entered the ring unofficially in 1999 with her debut album, Tumbleweed Letters, but without contact with the folks who most needed to hear what she was up to. Still, she gained attention, and one day, Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival founder Gary Brown heard a pirated copy of the album. He called he immediately, booked her for the 2004 Festival, and directed her to send a copy to Tom Russell. Russell responded with a note of praise, and later wrote liner notes for her 2004 release, Sideshow Romance. Within a few months of the new approach to the Western market, Juni had a number two album, and a number one single on the "Ropeburns" western charts.
Juni's savvy, smart, raw edged, yet finely honed songs, paired with her plaintive, pure voice are the true colors of the people, places, and events of her life, and the lives she chronicles with her music. In addition to winning the AWA Female Western Vocalist award for 2005, she is nominated for the The Western Music Association's 2005 Female Performer of the Year , as well as the 2005 AWA Crescendo Award.