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"An Incredible Journey"

From the ashes of lost family histories, rises the phoenix of stories untold. In her newest release, “Gone for Colorado”, Juni Fisher takes the listener on an incredible journey of determination, heartache and eventual triumph that chronicles the life of a young cowboy (her great grandfather) in his quest to make it in the West. Juni does her ancestors proud in this project with amazing songwriting and her angelic voice, all the while surrounded by the best musicians in the business. Inspiring! Juni Fisher does her part… and if the rest of us let die the histories of our forefathers, shame on us all.

Andy Nelson, Cowboy Poet and Co-Host of the “Clear Out West” Radio Show - Clear Out West Radio

"Another Winner For Juni Fisher"

Thanks for the exciting new album!...and I thought "Cowgirlography" would be hard to top! Yes, it's another winner for Juni Fisher..."Gone for Colorado" will certainly be heard regularly on "Early Morning Trails."
Maybe this album will show the Grammy folks what WESTERN MUSIC is all about!
Al Kirtl, DJ, Early Morning Trails WRSU FM, New Brunswick, New Jersey
- Earling Morning Trails

""I Think She's Fabulous"

OK .. I'll admit it .. I'm a big fan of Juni Fisher .. have been since I first heard her years ago. And yes, she's won all the important awards her peers can bestow .. because she's deserved them.
Juni's new CD is absolutely the best she's ever done ! Call it luck that started a personal search for the true story about her family. Call it brilliant that she'd put the pieces together into a cohesive story-line. Call Rich O'Brien's production efforts masterful [and superb harmony from Patty Clayton is only part of the magic] !
Like I said, I'm a big fan .. call it a character flaw if you will .. I think she's fabulous.
Bill Barwick 2005 AWA Male Vocalist of the Year, and the Encore Western Channel “Voice of the Western Channel”
- Bill Barwick, The Voice of the Wwstern Channel

"Album Reviews"

JUNI FISHER Album Reviews
Tumbleweed Letters/Juni Fisher
I hear most of the recordings that our genre issues, and it's been a long time since I heard one as interesting and as well-done as this one. It's unique; it's Western all the way, but it's not like any other album I've heard. The sound is predominantly acoustic, but after awhile you don't notice when electrification or percussion comes in. It doesn't really matter. It's all good music.
There are 11 cuts, each different, each masterfully arranged and performed. Each depicts a different aspect of the West. There's even one from the perspective of a milk cow, and one from that of a cavalry mule! And Juni's delightful sequel to "Sierry Peakes" is here, too.
But on the more serious side, there are several wonderful songs I found captivating, like "The Same River," "I Can't Complain," "Chinaman Jack" and others. My favorite, though, is one titled "Red Velvet Slippers," inspired by Marty Robbins' classic, "El Paso." I've already programmed that one on my internet radio show and I'll bet lots of radio folks will be doing the same!
O.J. Sikes, Ropeburns Magazine, Western Way Magazine

Sideshow Romance/ Juni Fisher
In case you haven't heard Juni Fisher in concert or you missed her last CD, she has remarkable talents, both as a singer and a songwriter. You get a full dose of both on this new CD! There are 12 songs on this acoustic album, all originals except for a couple of traditional songs that take us back to some of the Irish roots of Western music. But it's her her own compositions that impress me most. One picks up where "Sweet Betsy From Pike" leaves off, but from the perspective of the rooster! Cute lyrics, great melody and rythym, delightful all the way around. Another favorite is a balled called "Blue-eyed Saddle Tramp," and still another is the album's closing track, a wish for a "Well Traveled Trail." There are plenty of others that are sure to please, like the story of Billy the Kid's mother. And whether you know Tom Russell's "Gallo del Cielo" or not, you'll sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the ending of Juni's new "Ghost of del Cielo." Her "He'd Be Home By Now" follows the theme of real life for women on the frontier, a theme she's written about before. A refreshing collection, beautifully done.
O.J. Sikes, Ropeburns Magazine, Western Way Magazine

Cowgirlography/ Juni Fisher
In 2005, The academy of Western Artists awarded Juni Fisher with a Will Rogers Award for Female Vocalist of the Year. Later in the year, the Western Music Association presented her with their Crescendo Award. And they hadn't even heard this new, 2006 project, yet! Wait till you hear it! On this CD, Juni demonstrates why she was so deserving of the honors. Her roots are in folk music, so you'll hear some of it's influence in her arrangements and style. But the roots of Western music are also in folk music, so it's a nice fit. For this project, Juni has modified the lyrics and title to "poor Wayfaring Stranger", cowgirl style, to become "Wayfaring Rider." She opens the album with a few bars of it and reprises it at intervals throughout. I love it, and only wish she had sung the song all the way through, but there's plenty more to enjoy. Some of the first and last songs on the disc are about horses, with Juni's own liner notes providing background. As she's done on past projects, she's included some powerful songs like "Remember the Alamo" (her own composition with Lisa Aschmann) and lighter materials as well. Joe Hannah of the Sons of the San Joaquin joins Juni in a beautiful duet, "I Hope She'll Love Me" and she also sings a Jack Hannah-Baxter Black composition, "The West".
O.J. Sikes, Ropeburns Magazine, Western Way Magagazine - Western Way Magazine, Rope Burns Magazine


Album releases:
2008: Gone For Colorado
2006: Cowgirloraphy
2004: Sideshow Romance
2000: Tumbleweed Letters

Multiple singles from all four releases, on "airwave" radio, XM radio, and streaming internet radio.
Two of her singles (The Brazos, and Bring My Fiddle) were named Classic Heartland Radio's number one and number two Western singles of the year.



Juni Fisher saw folk legend Joan Baez on television, and decided to learn guitar at six years of age. The stylings are still evident in her performance, but Juni has carved her own niche in the world through her diverse musical experiences, from 8 year old solo folk singer to 16 year old Bluegrass band leader, to 18 year old dance orchestra vocalist. In the years that followed, Juni worked as a Lake Tahoe, Nevada lounge act back up singer, a rhythm guitar player/harmony singer in a Country music stage act, and a lead singer/guitar player in several duos and full bands, but it was as a solo performer that she found her true calling, when she began to write songs that told the history of the people who settled the West through the eyes of sodbusters, Irish immigrants, Cavalry mules, Chinese opium dealers, El Paso flamenco dancer "Wicked Felena,"
an unwillingly caged rooster on top of an oxen drawn wagon, and many other unsung heroes of the West.
What sets Juni Fisher apart from other performers of her genre are her well crafted songs, her distinctive guitar playing, paired with the voice of a band of angels: from a deep and rich alto, to soaring highs; from a whisper to a full voice, heart felt delivery that has touched very souls of her lucky listeners.
Juni was awarded the 2005 Western Music Association Crescendo Award, 2005 Academy of Western Artists Female Vocalist of the Year, 2006 Western Music Association Female Performer of the Year, and the 2007 Western Music Association Song of the Year.