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Canton, Massachusetts, United States

Canton, Massachusetts, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B




"Junior ft Proper - Welcome to the Life"

Check out the new single Welcome to the Life from Junior featuring Proper. This talent comes to you from the Connecticut area and are a part of the KOSENT Music Group. - Ramon - Chief Editor - LifestylesDefined.com

"[Featured Post] Junior - Schemes"

Titled “Schemes”, its the lead song off of the second installment to Junior’s “Pardon Me” mixtape series. Its a remake to the very popular Rick Ross, Drake and French Montana’s song, Stay Schemin’. Not too many artists emerge out of CT but KOSENT Music Group is very confident this will turn heads and gain more awareness. This is only the beginning. - Austin - Indie Editor - WeAreRap.com

"@Juniorkos ft Proper – Welcome to the Life @JuniorKMG"

KOSENT Music Group is growing fast! One of their latest releases gathers everyone’s attention on an upbeat, anthem-like, feel good record that is produced by Kustom. This song is perfect for radio play and an internet takeover. This song is a free download here, but also available on iTunes if you’d like to support our independent grind. - SPNDOCTR - Chief Editor - HipHopEncounter.com

""Backpack Journey" @JuniorKOS [album]"

Junior a dope singer|songwriter sent over some music for the #wifih viewers. w| production from Mr. Freshh the tracks Zonin, Put Your Hand's Up & Dont Stop are good money. you can also download his debut album Backpack Journey on iTunes - Procise - Chief Editor WhatiFeelishot.com

"Alvaro "Junior" Cadavid is on the move!!!"

Alvaro “Junior” Cadavid was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, raised in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, further educated right outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and after continuing school in Ft Lauderdale, FL, he has returned to New England to concentrate on his one true love, music. He mentions that graduating college is one of the largest awards he’d like to achieve because once he started he said, “I can’t quit now. There’s too much time and money invested to quit.” That would continue to be his approach through life. Junior is one of the most diverse artists that ears have ever heard. Writing poetry in Middle School, random outbursts of rapping in class and also having many people tell him “[he walks] to a rhythm, a certain beat” was no coincidence, as many of his notebooks were not filled with schoolwork, but songs instead. Songs he would keep in his mind throughout each day, repeating them over and over as a method of clearing his mind. Everyone has a different upbringing, a unique story. Regardless of what is perceived from the outside, where the truth lies is within. Junior has been seen to have an extremely calm demeanor in the toughest of times. He is very good with channeling his emotions in the appropriate manner. Some said he should have pursued playing professional poker, but why deviate from the course he is on. He’s doing exceptionally well for an independent artist, let alone from a non-metropolitan city.With numerous successes, Junior has proven to be, not only an artist but an influential person as well. It doesn’t matter where he is on the geographic map, the energy around him is contagious and you can’t help but want to start a conversation with him, even listen to his story told through song. Junior once said, “There’s no better truth than telling your own story. I prefer to put mine in a song”. It would seem those are words he truly lives by because his music seems to strike a different nerve with listeners. An honest nerve. - Scott - Global Attack Mixtapes


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Welcome to the Life : Single - Soundcloud and iTunes



Junior is just a 24 year old kid telling his journey through song. He has been moved around to and from various locations which has added a lot to his character; it's allowed him to grow as a person and recognize that there is more beyond what most people are familiar with. Not too many artists of his kind make it out of Connecticut. Not many people can even think of an artist with his level of talent that has gained super success out of CT, so he strives to be the first to let the world know that regardless of where an artist is from, it is more about the language their music speaks and how his story told through song can allow others relate and feel less lonely at times.
Junior has also always said that he wants his songs to be the ones that are there for people that are feeling a certain way at a certain time, whether it's Happy, Sad, Mad, Ecstatic, Party Mood, etc.
Junior is known for giving people the blatant truth, never sugar coated. His music is know to hit every emotion, song by song.
The world will soon get familiar with a young kid named Junior who tells his story told to a tune.