Junior Johnson

Junior Johnson


I love makin music, my band are fantastic experienced pros, I write about the things I love, and some of the things I dont. I encourage you to listen, I think you might enjoy it, honest. For a video, by BAFTA nominated directors Lensflare Productions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBQ7K-UqOA


I based this EP all around my recent trip to the USA. My family there, one in particular, had lost everything to the needle; house, car, job, livelihood, esteem. Anyway he's up again and living life, and tries to live his life by a piece written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Its a great piece, called The Invitation (google it/her name) and I wrote the song The Fireside based on the piece and my cousin.

City Girl is the first song I wrote, when my girlfriend said I should write about something that inspired me (just a faint whiff of oozing mozerella there, forgive me, but JP said you have to feed your soul, man.)

Same old thoughts is self explanatory, I was 3,000 miles away from my City Girl.

The genius (actually, however loosely tossed around, like some magazine at a scout camp) who made the artwork for the cd suggested the latin Strata Corneum consulo Mountain Dreams... which basically means the hard skin on the soles of your feet (as in a journey) to reflect on Mountain Dreams. he then took my footprints on paint, and the cover is what you get... All the music (except backing vocals and keyboards/Piano) is live, three take stuff. Excellent musicians on the disc include Pat McManus of Mama's Boys, Liam Bradley (Henry McCullough, Van Morisson, Paul Brady, Mary Black, Ronan Keating) Odhrain Devlin first pro session on Bass, John McCullough on keys and definitely not least Johnny Toman on banjo. Enjoy!


City Girl

Written By: Junior Johnson

Your eyes are like a baby’s sun, lips of poppy shape your eternal smile
Cheeks flushed from tears that trace a path to your best friend’s love that’s been a while
Of all the torrents that rage inside my mind only those of you make my heart chime,
Like a thousand bells ringin just for me, oh how I wish you could see

I fell for a girl a few years before, n I promised my mind it wouldn’t happen anymore,
But the city girl left her coat behind and when she kissed me, I knew I’d lose my mind

But I have to go and leave you now, my fame to seek,
And all through the days it’s always been this way, life looks so bleak

I’m as happy as ever I’ve been in my life; I forget it all when I hold you at night
Your hair and freckles are prettier, than any mornin, my eyes will ever see
My poor heart wants n my stoned mind doubts the love you gave is how I count,
The days till I must be alone, girl you’ll make me lonely when I go

The Fireside

Written By: Junior Johnson/ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It’s all the same your nine to five,
If you’re 46 or if you’re 55
And even if you’re telling lies
If you’ll look like a fool for love, and love bein alive.
And it doesn’t interest me, who you are how old or how you came to be here

If you’ve shrivelled from pain, and not hid or faded,
And danced on caution’s Holy Grail,
Then you’ll know what I’m singin,
And do what’s right for the children

Can you stand with me neath the sallow moonshine?
And say you see the beauty without the time
To ask what they own, or know who tried to teach them
I’d like to hear what’s inside, what holds you up sustains your pride
Lets you live with failure, yours and mine, when all the walls come crashin down

If you can hold your own behind your own eyes,
And be content with what’s inside
Be true to yourself, and put your up-friends on the shelf,
Then when life’s betrayals get me down, I’ll know without lookin around
That you’ll be there right behind me, till the end.

Cold Cold Ground

Written By: Junior Johnson

Do you ever stop and think, just what’s in store for you
Flyin high in a two-bit suit, sweepin streets or sniffin glue,
Pullin pints for 40 years before you swing your hammer down
For two days they’ll cry for you when you’re beneath the cold cold ground

Will we meet again in Paradise deeper thoughts despair my mind?
Will we see our friends and hold the hands that once left us behind
Is the good we do on this earth enough to keep us from the mire?
Are bad thoughts enough to secure a sup with a long spoon in the fire?

Chorus: And if you think you know the ending, please, keep it to yourself
I’d rather go not knowing than to hear my life’s true path

Sometimes it gets so crazy like the whole world’s chasin me,
And the road ends I’ve no place to rest my shoeless bleeding feet
When I wake it stops but only gives to the days reality
Then TV teaches me to hate by how they smash the poor folks dreams


Laughter’s like the drug I’m only up for half the time,
The rest is wasted torture thoughts of harm that char my mind
I’d like to scream and shout perhaps that’d cool the beast in me,
Or just talk to somebody wiser, who knows about these things



Had an interview with Gerry Anderson BBC Radio Ulster on Children in Need day November 2006 when my song The Fireside was extinsively played as the people at the BBC thought it suited the occasion.

LA Music Awards Folk Artist of the Year 2006 for The Fireside and runner up for City Girl.

City Girl - First song, played regularly since July 06 on Radio Ulster by Gerry Anderson and George Jones, two interviews, one with two live performances. 100,000 listeners!!!

Album 2005 - Manhattan at Dawn
EP 2006 (late summer) - Strata Corneum Consulo Mountain Dreams

Few live gigs, supporting Frankie (who...?) Miller's Full House Band thanks to Henry McCullough and George McFall.

Set List

Set list is made up of all my own music, (about an hour 10 mins) and some covers, Bruce Springsteen - Brilliant Disguise, Bob Dylan - You're gonna make me loneseome when you go, Kris Kristofferson - Devil to Pay, gig can be anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours