Junior Major

Junior Major


A stripped down garage-pop trio that sounds like The Go Go's, Blondie, Bikini Kill and Yeah Yeah Yeahs . Look out for new LP Secret Magic and music video Fools Gold!


Junior Major is Suzy Junior on lead vocals, Katy Major on baritone guitar & vocals, & Little Drummer Boy Adam.

Founded on a magical summer's day in August of 2006, Junior Major decided that they were going to be one crazy birthday party: flashy dresses, bursting balloons, infectious songs & plenty of x's & o's.

Stripped down, poppy, noisy, & fun, Junior Major is Suzy's playdough & Katy's 'sciptions. Anxious and awake? Write a song! Bummed over bitches? Write a song! Crushin' on a cutie? Write a song! Those are the ABC's of Junior Major.

Junior Major is currently working on their first full length release as well as a follow up video single and an upcoming summer tour.




Tic Tac Heart-EP

Tic Tac Heart has had play on college radio, as well as CBC 3 and has charted on CISM's top 40 albums in Montreal reaching the number 2 spot. Tic Tac Heart also made it to number 11 on Vancouver's CITR.

The video for Surface Socket was added to added to Much Music in light rotation earlier this year and has been featured on The Wedge, as well as The Indie Spotlight.

Set List

About 30 minutes: (all original material)

Drunk Lip
Boa Constrictor
Surface Socket
I Still Don't Hate You
Bad Timing
Your Loss/ My Gain
Secret Magic
Dirty Birds
Lack Lustre
Fools Gold
Wanna Bet
100 Ft. Tall