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Junior Major

Two bug-eyed women in primary-coloured op-art dresses and plastic jewelry (and a dude on drums) who love Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the B-52’s and look like they’re having an absurd amount of fun. We haven’t yet been able to figure out if they’re the shameful contrivance of some invisible Svengali or the best party band to come out of this city since it-makes-no-difference. Check the video for “Surface Socket” at MySpace.com/JuniorMajor and make up your own mind. Thursday at the Penthouse, 9:45 p.m.

- Westender

Junior Major
"You know when you save up all the roaches from the joints you have smoked, and then you roll them into another joint... and how if you repeat this process several times over, you have a roach roach roach joint that totally kicks your ass? Junior Major is kind of like that if the initial ingredients were Sleater-Kinny, Nikki & The Corvettes, Blondie, The Shirelles and Bikini Kill" - Newsletter

"First up was newcomer Junior Major, a poppy trio that we'll be hearing more about in the months to come. Drummer Adam Sabla (who also plays in the revamped Modernettes) has energy to burn, and once singer Suzy Junior and guitarist Katy Major steady their sea legs, the Mint machine will no doubt start sniffing around."
- Sarah Rowland

"This trio formed this past August and has already recorded a handful of catchy pop/rock tracks. Hear then before everyone else does..."
- New Music Canada

"Tic Tac Heart tingles the ears with a bubbly pop sensation that's more fuzzy fizz than sickly sweet. The newly formed trio currently likes to keep it's songwriting in the family: Suzy Junior, Adam Sabla and Katy Major are sister, brother and girlfriend respectively. Adam and Katy are also no strangers to the Vancouver music machine, having freshly formed Junior Major as a phoenix from the ashes of the recently defunct Philharmonic. The band's debut EP overflows with hepped-up rock n' roll, sharing an uncanny and unintentional likeness to 2003's next-big-thing The Dirtmitts, and a slightly intentional homage to now-big-thing Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You may also detect a hint of Veruca Salt and a splash of Kim Deal in the disc's opener "Dirty Birds".
Junior Major may never hit it big (but maybe they'll be huge, who knows what the gods have in mind these days), but I guarantee you will want to see them now, while they're fresh, fabulous, and fun. Lead guitar player Katy's history of stage fright aside, the band plays frequently and ferociously. Find 'em." - Mya B

Junior Major is Ready for the Major Leagues
by Kimiya Shokoohi – Moscrop, Burnaby

Junior Major is Ready for the Major League.

Fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Or perhaps The Go Go’s? If so, you should most definitely go-go check out Junior Major because there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with this bubbly-yet-edgy trio.

Formed in August of 2006, Junior Major consists of Suzy Junior on lead vocals, Katie Major on baritone guitar, and Adam Sabla on drums. Although the band is categorized as indie/pop/garage on their MySpace site, they sure have gotten past their garage-playing stage, booking gigs every month at venues such as Limmerick Junction, the Railway Club and the very well known Richards on Richards.

Youthink recently sat down with Suzy Junior to find out what all the buzz is about. “It’s not confusing,” says Suzy about the band’s music. “We’re not trying to be some obsure indie thing. We are what we do, we make simple, fun poppy-rock songs.” And if she had to pick a genre to describe the band’s music? “There’s a simplicity to it, there’s no elaborate thought process involved so I think it’s sort of a do-whatever-you-want type of thing…if that’s a genre.”

If you’d like to see more of Junior Major, it’s almost impossible to miss them right now. Their recently released music video (“Surface Socket”) is featured on MuchMusic and you can expect to see them at New Music West in May.

With their 40s-inspired good looks, upbeat personalities and mind-blowing sound, Junior Major is certainly creating a name for themselves and they’re bound to go far – fast.

For more info, visit: www.myspace.com/juniormajor
- Kimiya Shokoohi



Tic Tac Heart-EP

Tic Tac Heart has had play on college radio, as well as CBC 3 and has charted on CISM's top 40 albums in Montreal reaching the number 2 spot. Tic Tac Heart also made it to number 11 on Vancouver's CITR.

The video for Surface Socket was added to added to Much Music in light rotation earlier this year and has been featured on The Wedge, as well as The Indie Spotlight.



Junior Major is Suzy Junior on lead vocals, Katy Major on baritone guitar & vocals, & Little Drummer Boy Adam.

Founded on a magical summer's day in August of 2006, Junior Major decided that they were going to be one crazy birthday party: flashy dresses, bursting balloons, infectious songs & plenty of x's & o's.

Stripped down, poppy, noisy, & fun, Junior Major is Suzy's playdough & Katy's 'sciptions. Anxious and awake? Write a song! Bummed over bitches? Write a song! Crushin' on a cutie? Write a song! Those are the ABC's of Junior Major.

Junior Major is currently working on their first full length release as well as a follow up video single and an upcoming summer tour.