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Junior Vice Presidents @ TBA

London, Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario, Canada

Junior Vice Presidents @ Bovine Sex Club

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Junior Vice Presidents @ Recording Whores Drawn Carriage from Oct 2006 - Dec 2006

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



The Junior Vice Presidents took the stage sometime around 12:30 and I was impressed. Really. These guys are a lot of fun to take photos of, they're all over the place, and the sheer energy coming off of Dave is nothing short of incredible. Too much fun...


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- Maytina (www.viruszine.com)

t was rather fortuitous that I stumbled across the Junior Vice Presidents. One of their members, Jeff Robinson, was the lucky winner of the SXSW contest that I ran a little while back and in exchange for all the goodies he got, he sent the band's latest release, Whores Drawn Carriage, my way.

In Jeff's own words about the band:

The band is made up of 3 beautiful young men picked from both sides of Canada ... 2 of us are from Vancouver and the other is a Toronto boy. We're completely tired of a lot of the music scenes lately... especially emo, with their cookie-cutter song stylings, idiot haricuts, bullshit eyeliner, they basically represent everything that's wrong with music. We focus on songwriting, arrangement, and energy... instead of buying tight pants and applying eyeliner.

I can't say that I'm completely against tight pants and eyeliner (I did grow up in the 80's after all and my first concert experience was with Motley Crue - but don't hold that against me). The JVPs bring a sound that's fairly heavy - with a Queens of the Stoneage meets System of a Down sort of feel to them (especially some of the vocalistic trappings of Hustler, the lead vocalist, with music that starts, stops, and starts again behind the lyrics). It's got a lot of urgency and energy rushing through it - certainly mosh pit material at the very least. Check it out for yourself and drop the band a note if you like what you hear.

- http://mainstreamisntsobgspot.com/ad.blo


A Brief Lesson in Doom EP - 2006 (independent)

Whores Drawn Carriage - 2007(independent)



Fuck Emo.

Fuck Zep-Rip-Offs.

Fuck the hippies.

This is JVP.

Junior Vice Presidents have never killed a single person.
However, thay are on a quest to infect as many people with a virus of intensely manic, hardrock as they can. Any resulting death or illness is an untraceable consequence of a perfect machine in motion.