Lakeland, Florida, USA

As a band, we focus on superior instrumentation and vocal arrangements that include multiple harmonies on most of our songs. For the short time we've been together, we have been described by other bands we've played with as "very tight". We connect with the audience and give them a good show.


juniperRED came together in 2009 after lead singer and guitarist Scott Morris was looking for a band to help promote his debut solo album "Two Weeks From Everywhere". Scott contacted Matt McGowan and Mike Monts De Oca, a pianist and lead guitarist to join in as he was trying to form the right sound for the group. The band was doing minor gigs or acoustic arrangements when it found the services of Sean McGee, now on drums. The band also just recently added Kevin Hodges on bass to round out the group. The band is working on a new album that combines the powerful lyrics and vocals of Scott, with the bluesy guitar riffs of Mike, the solid beat of Sean, the driving bass of Kevin, and the Jazzy-rock fusion of Matt. They continue to play shows around the greater Central Florida area.

If we had to describe our music it would be "modern, southern rock" taking influences from The Eagles, Sister Hazel, and the Gin Blossoms. Our songs are driven by the lyrics that can describe either a lost friend (I'm Not Afraid), the art of picking up girls (Whiskey Smile), or life through the eyes of a soldier (Red, White & You). Scott’s strong vocals draw your ear into the worlds which will then swirl around your head. The guitar riffs of Mike draw heavily on classic southern roots and soulful blues. The bass and keys of Kevin and Matt bring a more edgy funk to the music that is apparent, but not distracting. Keeping it all together is the intriguing and solid drum beats of Sean.

Please note we have additional songs, videos of live performances, and more info on our website


Currently in production of our first EP