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"Don't Forget Review"

When presented with an album featuring past and current members of an eclectic mix of artists including The Last Year, November Kills, and Locked In a Vacancy, I had no idea what to expect from Juniper Sky. Somewhat to my surprise, I put in the album and proceeded to hear a collection soaring melodies, rock guitars, and occasional electronics commonly referred to as "post-hardcore."

Although I don't particularly enjoy the status quo of the genre, I was nodding my head in no time to the groove-laden riffs and smooth transitions on Don't Forget. With the presence of catchy choruses and spirited, melodic vocals, comparisons could easily be drawn to acts such as Coheed and Cambria, The Mars Volta, and Circa Survive. However, Juniper Sky's emphasis on mature songwriting and dark, electronic elements brings to mind a Chino-less version of the Deftones. While each track follows a very similar format in terms of structure, there are enough memorable parts to give the album a satisfying sense of diversity. The prominent bassline in the track "Far Away," the furious lead guitar work on "Stock Market Crash," the soothing acoustics in "Tears," and various spurts of electronic sampling succeed in putting a unique spin on each track.

While the songwriting on Don't Forget is undoubtedly a strong point, it also serves as somewhat of a drawback. Each track, with few exceptions, has a chorus that repeats at least 3-4 times. With an average track length of about three minutes, this becomes somewhat repetitious and by the time the third chorus rolls around I have to keep myself from changing to the next track.

Bottom Line: Juniper Sky isn't treading any ground that hasn't been explored before; however, they've certainly succeeded in releasing a solid rock album. Don't Forget should be looked at as a worthy debut and an indication that Juniper Sky has a promising career ahead of them. -

"10 bands you should know"

Juniper Sky consist of past and current members of such bands as The Last Year, After the bath, November Kills, and Locked In A Vacency and now has years of experience under their collective belts. After hitting the studio hard in January and February, the band inked a deal with Textbook Music, the great upstart label that features amazing bands like Renee Heartfelt and Marigold. They combine extremely melodic rock with mounds of sonic edge, that rarely bores or stops at any boundaries. Their brand new album Don't Forget assures that the listener won't anytime soon. -

"Juniper Sky"

Juniper Sky's myspace resembles that of a major label rock band. Their debut album Don't Forget hits stores May 16th, and the album title alone will ensure that their fans remember. A plethora of tour dates up until September (though most are still "TBA") are set up to promote their release. The Best Buy, Target, and Circuit City logos with the words "pre-order" next to them, tells me instantly that this Long Island band is well accomplished.

The two tracks off of their debut that are featured on the myspace are rock hit music station material (unfortunately, New York no longer has a rock hit music station, but they can't be held responsible). The first track "Forever" mixes the power rock of today's mainstream with the vocals of the underground emo scene. The second track, "Death of Me," has a very different sound. It almost resembles heavy brit-pop acts like Muse or The Music, with long melodic vocal parts over heavy metal style guitar riffs. I think the Deftones are somewhere in the mix as well.

Though their influences site everything between "Megadeth and Depeche Mode," they may not even need everything in between. They already have a signature sound, and seem to be doing pretty well with it. With a collection of banners, merchandise, an upcoming video shoot, awesome album artwork (see purple flower on black background), and worldwide distribution, Juniper Sky has everything set up for quite a busy year.

-ES - nyspace music review

"Don't Forget Review"

New York's JUNIPER SKY (who feature current and former members of THE LAST YEAR, LOCKED IN A VACANCY, NOVEMBER KILLS, among others) come in from left field with the band's debut full-length Don't Forget, a snappy disc that blends dangerously infectious post-hardcore beats with soaring vocal melodies and insidious guitar arrangements. JUNIPER SKY's musical scope is impressive, drawing heavily from the propulsive stomping of QUICKSAND (and for that matter, SHIFT and INTO ANOTHER), the textured modern stylings of CIRCA SURVIVE, and the unpredictable, but never out-of-alignment configurations of Worship & Tribute era GLASSJAW. Don't Forget, in a span of 43 minutes is capable of both rocking your face off, and delivering a sense of peace and order, sometimes within the same song. The back-to-back sequencing of "Solitude," and "Stock Market Crush" illustrates this juxtaposition of attack-methods in crystal clear fashion, as the former's chilly, electronically driven soundscape sets up the latter track's powerhouse, groove-laden throttling. Don't Forget provides a head-nodding workout - the music isn't furious enough to warrant a reaction of any greater magnitude, but its depth is undeniable and any attempt to prevent one's torso from following along is ultimately futile. Not surprisingly, Don't Forget is littered with singles worthy material, particularly in the form of songs "All For You," "Till Death Do Us Part," and "Death of Me." While JUNIPER SKY could stand to brush up on its lyrical content, which occasionally borders on trite and repetitive, Don't Forget is strong enough musically to earn a recommendation. - Paste Punk

"Don't Forget Review"

Featuring members (or former members) of such bands as After the Bath, Locked In a Vacancy, The Last Year, and November Kills, Juniper Sky takes shape into a melodic post-hardcore punk-rock type of thing. Leaning heavily on melodic vocals, Juniper Sky relevancy is etched into each guitar chord. There’s elements of punk-metal amid several of the tracks but it’s the tortured emotional vocals that will really get under your skin and take hold. Cool stuff.

- J-Sin -

"Juniper Sky show review"

have to admit, from the moment I stepped into the Blue Fugue, it was hard not to feel a kindred spirit with the group of indie rock boys sitting next to the open window, right in front of the door, all sipping PBR drafts. As it turns out, the feeling was mutual, and the group of would-be hotties soon became the hottest act to take the stage that night. New York indie-screamo rockers Juniper Sky, started off with a sexy acoustic number, as lead singer Dave and guitarist Eric commanded the stage. All clad in typical indie emo boy fashion, (see: black converse, tight black t's, spiky black hair, piercings), had they established a significant fan base in Columbia, the floor would have certainly been flooded with equally well-dressed adoring fans. Dave's screamo high-pitched vocals typical of the genre, (i.e. Deftones, Further Seems Forever) brought passers-by to a halt. One nearby would-be fan stood outside the open window, hoodie and all, and threw his head back and forth for nearly forty-five minutes to the sounds of east coast rock. With their low-pitched power chord progressions and beautifully emotional lyrics, the five New Yawk boys towered over the petite stage. Three songs in, the boys had rocked so hard that Greg (bass), was in jeopardy of having to call it quits for the night due to a broken string. Fear not fans, as Greg crouched on stage furiously restringing his bass; the band raged on without him as the crowd heard Daves' first screamo vocals of the night. In typical screamo stance and fashion, members jumped around and literally made the most out of what space they had, at times bumping into each other as if a mosh pit could amass at any moment. One of the many things that set Juniper Sky apart from the other performers was their ability to engage the audience. At one point Dave climbed over to the bar and asked all the girls what they were drinking tonight, and answered shouts from the crowd as to 'how much Bud Lights are in Manhattan?", (typical Missourian question, no? The answer by the way; a stunning $7!!! Way more expensive than Fugue prices). Juniper Sky consistently hammered through their explosive power pop set, as if they were playing a much larger venue, in a much larger city, yet catered to the audience as if it were a basement show. The biggest surprise may have come at the end of the show when it was revealed that their final song, "Stock Market Crash", could be downloaded off PSP, proving the caliber of bands that can now be heard at the Fugue. Although all bands that night played an even thirty minutes, Juniper Sky's explosive set, consisting of hard driving, progressive, fast paced songs and performance, made their act seem to fly by in minutes. Indeed, the general rule of showbiz is to always leave them wanting more, and with Juniper Sky, too much is never enough. Check out their site for merch and more at and buy their debut album "Don't Forget", in stores nation wide. -


Don't Forget - 2006 - Textbook Music



With years of experience in different bands/projects from all over the sonic landscape under their belts, JUNIPER SKY comes together with a sound unlike anything going on in today's music scene. Consisting of past and current members of such bands as THE LAST YEAR (Goodlife), AFTER THE BATH, NOVEMBER KILLS, and LOCKED IN A VACANCY, having toured across the US and Europe; JUNIPER SKY ranges from hard hitting rock to beat-driven baby making music avoiding the easy-to-fall-into trap of sounding scatterbrained or forced. With an emphasis on
melody and mature song writing, this band proves timeless in their approach to, and unweathered by, current musical trends.

Less an album than a moving, breathing mass of symphonic sound; Don't Forget creates boundless
moving pictures that are nothing short of breathtaking.