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The best kept secret in music



What some other people have had to say about us:

"Genius as far as contemporary new wave/cinematic art-rock goes... [an] epic audio masterpiece..." - The Big Takeover (review of Blood is Bright)

"One of the most engaging dark rock albums to come out since Joy Division last graced a stage." - Disclosure Magazine (review of Forcing Out The Silence)

"This fiery Boston quartet displays the potential to emerge as the bridge between post-grunge and the future of alternative rock." - Amplifier Magazine

"Breathtaking atmospherics and dark sensibilities deserved of being likened to the Cure's Disintegration punctuate this EP. Vocalist Joseph E. Martinez deadpans a brooding style that clashes at the perfect angle with the swirling sounds that rise around his words. Without straying into anything too heavy, Junius manages to maintain an intense presence that is as stylish as Interpol but carries a sincerity and distinction not found in enough young acts. This band seems to have borrowed just enough from previous decades to build and shape something all its own. This Boston-based quartet approach new wave tendencies with a shield of spacey guitars and artistic vocal stylings to create something that is not soon forgotten. With high energy emanating out of a pensive sound, Junius punctures each track with unshakable singularity until it turns into something addictive and encompassing." - Exclaim! Magazine (review of Blood is Bright)

"Nothing short of a revisioning of the art of the shoegazer. Junius is artful, thoughtful, and textured while also being heavy, intense, and impactful. Not since Cave In's album Jupiter have I been this taken with a rock band! If you want your brooding art rock to rock hard again, then Junius is your new favorite band. It has become mine!" - The Noise (review of Forcing Out The Silence)

"Ever since Junius started rocking our headphones, we've been in a good place. This is dramatic stuff, kids, the kind of sound that takes us back to the Cure, the mainstay of our callow youth. If we admit to becoming addicted to the sound of lead singer and guitarist Joe Martinez's voice, does that make us sound like some kind of weird stalker?" - The Boston Globe

"Blood is Bright showcases [Junius'] modern take on new wave, with spacey guitars, looming vocals and enough originality to set them at the top of the game. The band has created strikingly original material while avoiding many of the trends of the current music scene, in turn bringing forth work that would make their influences proud." - Decoy Music

"With their latest release, Blood Is Bright, the Massachusetts quartet has produced a well-crafted EP that will surely grab attention from old fans, new fans, and those simply willing to put their blast-beats on hold for twenty minutes. If you enjoy intelligent music of all genres, then giving Blood Is Bright a couple listens will be well worth it." - Lambgoat.com

"[Junius] owe as much to instrumental post-rock as they do to the Goth acts of the eighties... The arrangements are unique and the sound is, at times, a perfect reproduction of that elusively cool eighties vibe." - Skyscraper Magazine

"They wear their brooding eighties swirling darkness on their sleeve, yet still manage to conjure something fresh, majestic and uplifting. The vocal drips onto a textured canvas of chiming echoed guitars and a throbbing backbeat reminiscent of Pornography-era Cure, with the bombastic crunch of My Bloody Valentine." - The Noise (review of Blood is Bright)

"Take the darkness of The Cure's best and mix it with the heaviness of A Perfect Circle and moodiness of Placebo... This fell into my lap at the right time." - Razorcake (review of Forcing Out The Silence)

"While post-rockers with big-ass pedal boards arent exactly a novel concept these days, it's a rare treat for a band to have both the technical knowledge to make it all sound huge and otherworldly, as well as a knack for stringing parts together in an organic, cohesive manner. Radar Recordings road warriors Junius demonstrate both sides of this equation, delivering the goods with their sophomore EP Blood is Bright." - Performer Magazine

"This album certainly might catapult them into the realm of the most revered bands in their genre." - Absolute Punk (review of Blood is Bright)

"I can honestly say there aren't many bands I know of doing anything as close to as good and as different as this." - Bystander Fanzine


"From The Isle Of The Blessed" CD single - 2004 self-pressed, stamped, and distributed.
1. from the isle of the blessed (demo version)
2. solvents (remix by Will Benoit)

"Hiding Knives" CD mini-single - 2004 Radar Recordings
1. hiding knives (edit)
2. from the isle of the blessed (demo version)

Forcing Out The Silence CDEP - 2004 Radar Recordings
1. [elan vital]
2. hiding knives
3. from the isle of the blessed
4. [elan fatale]
5. forcing out the silence

Tour EP - 2005 self-pressed and spray painted
1. hiding knives [edit]
2. blood is bright
3. persil (live @ WPRK - 03.10.05)

Blood is Bright CDEP - 2005/2006 Radar Recordings (the initial pressing of 1,000 copies was sold on tour in December 2005, and bears the copyright year 2005.Ê However, the CD had its official release in 2006, and subsequent pressings bear the copyright year 2006)
1. [the annunciation]
2. blood is bright
3. a word could kill her
4. in the hearts of titans
5. at the age of decay

The Fires of Antediluvia 33RPM 7" single - 2007 Radar Recordings / Anchorless Records
A. the fires of antediluvia
B. centurion

Junius CDLP / 12" 2xLP - 2007 Radar Recordings / S.A.F. Records
1. [elan vital]
2. hiding knives
3. from the isle of the blessed
4. [elan fatale]
5. forcing out the silence
6. [the annunciation]
7. blood is bright
8. a word could kill her
9. in the hearts of titans
10. at the age of decay
11. lost in basilica (digital/import-only bonus track)

"Keep Singing" a compilation to benefit Compassion Over Killing CD - 2007 Exotic Fever Records
- lost in basilica

Hiding Knives, From The Isle of The Blessed, Blood is Bright, A Word Could Kill Her, and At The Age of Decay have all received radio play.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Boston has long been known as a breeding ground for renowned political dissidents as well as mind-expanding sonic adventurists.Ê A legacy of great progressive labels (like Hydra Head, Tortuga and Big Wheel Recreation) and a harbor full of Earl Grey attest to that.Ê Carrying in that tradition is JuniusÑa rainy, Brit-inflected supernova of gigantic guitars, entrancing lights, and erudite lyrics, named after the pseudonym of an enigmatic late 18th century political critic.
The New England coast was first illuminated by JuniusÕ sonic declarations on Friday, February 13, 2004 at a sold out show at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA.Ê Drawing upon influences as diverse as Failure, Hum, Sunny Day Real Estate, and The Cure, Junius electrified the rapt audience with the spellbinding walls of dreamy guitars and alluring lights that have continued to define the bandÕs signature aesthetic. Together with fellow Bostonians Seneca and Constants, they formed the core of the Radar Recordings collectiveÑa community of self-funded progressive artists founded in 2002Ñwhich filled a void left behind when the aforementioned labels uprooted and expanded to warmer climes.
Shortly after releasing their first EP, the Post Wave pioneers began a relentless touring regimen of multiple headlining and co-headlining North American tours to fan the flames of an already relatively blazing press.Ê Of the EP, Disclosure Magazine wrote, "One of the most engaging dark rock albums to come out since Joy Division last graced a stage."Ê Junius played over 200 shows in 2005 alone, and spent nearly 9 months on the road that year.

The songs which make up JuniusÕs self-titled album (Radar / S.A.F. Records) were recorded by Will Benoit (of Constants), and mastered by Nick Zampiello (Isis, Converge, Pelican, Cave In).Ê Hailed as ÒgeniusÓ by The Big Takeover, JuniusÕ work is borne of experiments in isolation and ascetism, including month-long stints in remote places including a storage facility in Texas, a farmhouse in Vermont, a cabin in Pennsylvania, and a small room in the swamps of Louisiana.Ê ItÕs this austere approach that adds a weighty foundation of authenticity to the members of Junius as credible artists.Ê Themes of forbidden knowledge, supernatural and extra-terrestrial phenomena, and religious mythology permeate singer Joseph E. MartinezÕs esoteric lyrics, while their music constantly pushes musical boundaries.

In addition to the release of the eponymous compilation, 2007 finds Junius as tireless as ever, with a new 7 inch (Radar / Anchorless Records), further touring, and plans to begin recording their next album, entitled The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist, this Fall.Ê The forthcoming record (co-produced and engineered by Tom Syrowski and Kevin Mills Ð AFI, The Bravery, Weezer), is based on the life of controversial scholar Immanuel Velikovksy.Ê Martinez, along with illustrator Matt Gauck, will also be releasing an accompanying graphic novel for the record.Ê JuniusÕ brutal itinerary extends well into 2008, with plans to hit Europe, Japan, as well as more North American dates to expand their already dedicated fan base.Ê Appearances on MTVÕs On the Rise and scores of ÒMost Anticipated AlbumÓ nominations have all but catapulted Junius to the forefront of the music worldÕs sight line.Ê With this self-titled release, as well as the impending Martyrdom of a Catastrophist, the spectre of Junius will loom heavier in the publicÕs mind than ever before.

- Jonathon Newby