Phoenix, Arizona, USA

JUNK is an improvisational rock-funk jam band. Our music is instumentally dynamic with catchy, yet funky grooves that make you shake what you've got. We play original songs that evolve as we play them by engaging the audience. Unlike any band you have seen - we are a unique Rock-Show.


JUNK is best summed up as "A little Jam, a little Funk".

JUNK was formed by a group of experienced musicians who had played together in a previous life, while all working on separate projects. These five musicians each play a multitude of instruments, prefer an improvisational groove, and have a damn good time playing together. In late 2008 they came together, and JUNK was born.

JUNK’s highly anticipated first live performance was sold out. With a combined musical experience of over 100 years they have quite a few built in fans, and an uncommon sound that will quickly reach more.

Their live shows are built on a framework of original songs and some uniquely arranged covers. JUNK excels at fusing dozens of musical styles together while striving to play their songs antithetically each time they are performed. There is a definite vibe in the way that JUNK performs, that allows the audience to feel the love of creating music that these musicians are sharing.

In addition, they have a score of professional musicians in a larger group called the JUNKyard. Several of these artists participate in the shows to add something extraordinary to the moment, and raise the level of entertainment. Electric harmonicas, double bass, tap dancers, xylophones, saxophones, violins, and trumpets. No two JUNK shows are the same, and their songs tend to have a life of their own.

This isn't just a band playing some music, JUNK is a show.

Front man, Marten Niner, adds his 25 years of improv experience to the show as well. Not only does JUNK add elements of comedy into the show, but they make it a point to engage the audience and make them part of a unique musical event. An engaged audience is undoubtedly a returning audience.

To describe what JUNK sounds like would be an impossible task. It would be like telling you what chocolate tastes like if you've never had it. You've come this far - why not listen to a few tracks.


John Butler Trio, Keller Williams, Led Zeppelin, Cake, Velvet Knights, Johnny Cash, Deep Banana Blackout, Jeff Beck, George Clinton & P-Funk All Stars


"JUNK on Tap"
Released October 2009
Funny Business LLC

"We are Better Live"
Release date August 2010
Funny Business LLC

Set List

Here is the set list from our Jan 16th performance.

True Love
Get Tired
Play Like a Child
Sweet Little Lies (24/7)*
Who Are You Tonight? (24/7)*
I’m Watching You
Prism of Your Mind
White Rabbit
Marriage Blues
Guitar Solo (Brett)
Bass Solo (Jim)
Across the Border
Drum Jam (24/7)*
Chicago Blues (24/7)*
Yo Ugly

*We performed with the TAP 24/7 professional dance troop who perfomed inprovisational tap dance to our songs. Those songs are so notated.