Energetic songs with a technobeat with expressive vocals, driving guitars and an out off the curve Hammond organ on top.


Junkbeat are Didric Laclé and Jan Bollah, who met at the Amsterdam art academy. Since 2000 they’ve been writing and performing music together. "We started off being a rock band fascinated by dance music. And because we are musiscians and not DJ’s, we had to invent a new way. Music that holds best of both, rock and techno." The result is an extremely energetic brew that is best served loud!

In 2007 Junkbeat was picked up by the Dutch public.
They were booked on festivals like Dance Valley and Nachtkracht.


Last Day (www.greenpeacemusic.org / insomnia radio / Ramonaaa Radio / Radio 90Khz)

Set List

You can't slow me down
Radio Transmission (original by Joy Division)
Last Day
Nothing To Lose
Let's Go
Sweet Saliva

(45 Min)