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"Concert Review: Section 18 w/ Audible Thought, Equipt, Junket 2/4/06"

The night's show, at The Chance Theater, was being headlined by Section 18, in their first headlining gig. But before we get to them, there were three other local acts set to get the crowd going.

The show got off to a great start with Junket. Tonight they sounded incredible. The sound was a blend of screamo and Staind style angst with a touch of progressive-leaning metal. They played for about 30 minutes and the crowd was really into them. There were some great lead breaks, and harmony runs with the bass player. The vocals were that mix of singing and screaming that seems to be so popular these days. The difference here being that I actually liked it; he had a unique take on it. All too often, I find myself bored by the latest wave of screamers. Junket's sound all comes together and shows a lot of promise. This will be a band to keep an eye on.
- Blogcritics.org


For all you local area fans JUNKET will be featured this week on on TUESDAY NIGHT ROCKS!

Junket will perform LIVE in front of a studio audience starting at 8pm at the Port Jervis Deerpark TV Studios - and we want you to be a part of it!

Junket will feature music from their soon to be released EP and discuss their 2007 Project Breakout win and upcoming trip to Toronto to record with super-producer Greig Nori (SUM 41, TREBLE CHARGER, BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE) and Bunk Rock Music.

- Onevakynd Newsletter

"Congratulations! Junket is the 2007 Breakout Band in Rock"

Congratulations to Junket!

After two months, more than a hundred entries, thousands of votes and a thorough review by one of the best producers in the music business, we’re pleased to announce that Junket has been selected as the 2007 Breakout Band in Rock.

The prize package earned by Junket includes the production of a multi-song demo with Greig Nori of Bunk Rock, an all-expenses paid trip to the studio in Toronto and $2,500 in cold hard cash.

Don’t forget, we’ll be back later in the year with another music competition. Until then, keep rocking!
- ww.projectbreakout.com


Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hello everybody. We just wanted to say hi and get everybody up on what has been going on with Junket. We just got home wednesday night after an amazing week in Toronto. We got to work with Super Producer Greig Nori (producers of Sum 41, Avril Lavinge & Teble Charger) which was an incredible experience. Greig is an awesome dude. He worked with us on an older song "Right Time" and helped us make it sound SWEET! Greig is mixing the song right now and when we get it we will post it up... so keep checking back because this song is going to be killer. Also while we're writing, we wanted to thank everybody who voted for us because this was an amazing trip and we wouldn't have been able to experience it if it wasn't for so many people voting for us. Of course we also have to thank Project Breakout for hooking us up with this trip. They are great people and Project breakout is such an awesome company. They really made us feel like rock stars this past week. Okay, keep checking our myspace because we have 5 new songs recorded with Jay from Gizmachi coming soon and we definately will have some shows to post. Thanks for reading and thanks for being awesome.


- Junket Newsletter


We have streaming audio on our Myspace page - www.myspace.com/junket, and our Purevolume page - www.purevolume.com/junket


Feeling a bit camera shy


Junket is a four piece rock band from Newburgh, New York. Chris Wicher, Evan Santoro, Michael Miller and Chad Babcock come together, blending different musical backgrounds and a variety of collective influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Tool; Kirk Hammett of Metallica to Brandon Boyd of Incubus, creating a unique and catchy, yet edgy sound. With the incredible musical riffs created by Miller and reflective lyrics of Wicher, the band brings in droves of fans to every show and has won spots as the opening act for groups such as Breaking Benjamin, Trust Company, Ill Nino and Taproot.

Junket was born in April, 1999 at Washingtonville Middle School in upstate New York. Miller and Babcock formed the group in the 8th grade. “We started Junket with a couple of friends,” says Babcock. “In the end, Mike and I were the only ones who stuck with it.”

A year later, when the two were freshmen at Washingtonville High School, Miller met Chris Wicher, a senior at the school. “Both our dads were Marines working on the same military base and Mike’s dad invited our family over to watch the Super Bowl,” recalls Wicher. There, Miller displayed his musical abilities as a guitar player and told Wicher that his band needed a singer for an upcoming talent show two days away. Wicher agreed to sing in the talent show with Junket, where they played “My Own Worst Enemy,” by Lit and “Damnit,” Blink 182.

After high school, when their bass player had been accepted to an out of state school, Junket found themselves looking for a replacement. Determined to continue the dream Miller, a Music Theory student at Orange County Community College, ran into Evan Santoro, bass player for rival band Children At Play on the campus and asked him to try out for the position with Junket. “He was a perfect fit for us,” says Wicher about Santoro joining the group. “He wanted to play our style of music and he completed the sound we were trying to create.”

Not only was Santoro a perfect fit for Junket, Junket seemed to be the perfect fit for Santoro as well. “I never saw myself playing with Junket when I was in High School,” says Santoro. “But my other band members used to tell me all the time, ‘that’s the band we see you playing with. They’re more your style.’”

Since then, the four members of Junket have come together not only as a band, but personally as well. “We’re all good friends and we work pretty well together,” says Babcock. “We’re in the band, but we hang out together, and all of our parents are friends.”

“My mom considers everyone in Junket her sons,” says Santoro. “She makes dinner for us when we’re practicing. All of the guys have a key to my house. We’ll come home and they’ll be there sitting on the couch.”

But in the end, it’s all about the music. Together, Junket has created quite a following in Upstate New York. They get most of their energy from performing in front of an audience. “It’s great to play in front of people and see them dancing to your music, cheering and then getting to meet them after we play,” says Miller.

“Crowd reaction is key for us,” expresses Wicher. “To play a song that we’ve worked hard on, share our music with other people, and be able to express ourselves on stage and get a response back, there’s nothing like it.”