Junkhead has been labeled as a band that overcomes and comes out swinging. the music ranges from melodic bluesy guitar riffs, to thunderous drum pounding jams with lyrics that wrap the emotion in a tight little bundle until the explosion is inevitable.


Re-configured in the spring of 2008, This 4 piece Alt-metal band hailing from Troy, N.Y. has been writing music that pushes boundries both emotionally and sonically. In a dense market of upstate New York hardcore acts, Junkhead has broken the mold and taken originality to a whole new level.

Not being afraid to push the material to different heights has also helped Junkhead stand out amongst the run of the mill rock acts. The beast reared its ugly head when (Drummer) Jeremy Tobin, (Bassist) Robbie Warburton, (Guitarist) Pat Reed, and (Vocalist) Vinnie C. decided it was time to write music that was both aggressive and in your face as well as sensual and thought provoking.

The material ranges from downright gritty to being soft and melodic with the crash of a cymbal. Being able to balance this has become the bands forte' and its working quite well. Junkhead has since released there debut EP/DVD "The Helderberg Demos".

The band has already accumulated a various amount of winter dates under it's belt. Junkhead has shared the stage with a bunch of local bands, Opened for the major label band HURT and has been presented on the Capital Underground hosted by Ralph Renna on 104.9 The Edge. Junkhead is continually eager and determined as ever to bring the music to the people.

The band is currently in the studio working with Bob Shutter of Helderberg Studios in Altamont, N.Y. working on there first full length album "Forever Engaged In Conflict". They will begin working on the album through much of April and May before hitting the music scene again on June 21st at Ziggy's in Latham, N.Y. For contact and booking please e-mail undermyskin1021@yahoo.com or contact us at www.myspace.com/junkhead07


"The Helderberg Demos" 2008- Three track Acoustic EP

Junkhead also had radio play in 2008 on local channel 104.9 the Edge

Set List

our setlist is mainly originals that we are promoting for our debut CD release "Forever Engaged in Conflict' We have a solid set of about an hour and then some.
We seldom play covers but depending on the crowd at any particular venue we would endulge our fan base!