Junk Machine

Junk Machine


Loud, unapologetic,
two-minute action filled bangers
for the dissuaded, mislead public,
in a self-imposed quest
to restore optimism and/or hubris.
From the freezing fjords of Norway
Long live Junk Machine!


Welcome fellow Audionaut!

Junk Machine was formed in 2011 by Daniel Thornhill and Jonas Skarmark on a few basic principles:

1 To offer some kind of Emotional Guidance at The End Of The World
2 To release a hopefully never-ending series of eight-by-two-minute-song records, with frequent additions to the Ĺ“uvre.
3 To restore optimism and/or hubris
4 To create and legitimise a new format avoiding the terrors of today's main offenders The Two-Piece Garage Nerds,
The Shameless Power Trio & The Lazy Laptop Band, yet remaining low-carbon-footprint & Cost Efficient
5 To never accept Boredom, Predictability & Security
6 and to fall in love with and break the hearts of Many Girls

Jonas Skarmark (1976-) was born in Bodo in the 70s and has been recording, tinkering and composing since childhood.
He released a Black Metal record in 1997 which makes him a completely, undeniably legitimate part of the True Norwegian Black Metal,
but he has also composed and recorded dub. Who knew?
Jonas works at Landmark Bergen Kunsthall, hosting about 300 shows a year as the house sound technician.
He has recorded, produced, played with, composed for & controlled live sound for just about everyone in the world including
Attilla Csihar, Kim Gordon, Reine Fiske, Skull Defekts & Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway.

Daniel Thornhill (1987-) was a brilliant talent in classical composition, highlights including composing,
recording and releasing in front of a live audience a symphonic violin concerto with Alexander Rybak in charge of the solo fiddle
(yes that Rybak) at the tender age of 17.
Then he went rogue.
Gave away all aspirations, ambitions and control only to suffer through years of re-schooling, re-imagining and retreat.
Now he's the flawless, laid-back, but extravagant guitarist-singer-multiinstrumentalist this generation feared so much they forgot why,
crookedly smiling through a wall of noise, sometimes surfing the wave, sometimes digging the grave.

Both members are as unwilling to come to terms with the very low standard of dopamine-rush inflicted upon us by the dreamy,
kitschy, conservative, restrained beauty of today's indie-something-sub-genre-hell.

They play rock'n'roll. It's like if all your favourite bands shrunk and bursted in through your ears, past your ear drums and into your
brain and immediately started a death match to get to be the ones to kick you in the Amygdalae and tickle your Accumbens.
Never predictably retro, yet somehow always familiar, this music restores some of old time's truths and steals back the recording
techniques now taken entirely over by the Electronic & Hip-Hop communities.