Junk Music

Junk Music


The Junkman Plays Junk Music.
Donald Knaack is The Junkman. Played 100% on recycled materials, Junk Music has gained audiences from rock and jazz to classical and world-fusion.


About The Junkman™

Donald Knaack (aka The Junkman™) is a classically trained percussionist and composer who has used recycled materials as his instruments of music since long before the eco-green movement was cool. He’s the Daddy of Eco-Beat!! He calls it Junk Music™ and it all began with his mentor and collaborator, John Cage encouraged the further development of his attraction to the sounds of found objects. He’s performed at Lincoln Center, The Van’s Warped Tour (with Eminem, Black Eyed Peas and Blink 182), The United Nations, The Kennedy Center, Sundance Film Festival, concerts with Phish, Seoul Drum Festival, Summer Series Dubai, many schools and colleges and a solo concert at the United Nation’s COP 16 Conference on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico, where he was awarded the “Cantando por el Planeta” award by the Federal Government of Mexico for is HOP (Help Our Planet) environmental education program for schools. His HOP program was also a recipient of the Vermont Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

His music has been used in major television commercials for The NBA, ESPN and Electronic Arts. He and his music have been featured on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, CBS Sunday Morning, CBS News, National Public Radio, BBC, Associated Press and a front-page story in Billboard magazine. He will be featured in an upcoming issue of Disney’s Family Fun magazine.

He is currently developing and producing a children’s television show about music and the environment called Junk Music with The Junkman, and has a new, one man musical/visual/theatrical extravaganza entitled BEAT IT! with The Junkman™.

He recently completed a 2 ½ week tour in Alaska sponsored by The US Environmental Protection Agency. In October, K2 will release its latest NBA game, NBA2K13, featuring the music of The Junkman.

The Junkman celebrates Earth Day every year with a Global Junkjam with students and musicians all over the world through Google Plus Hangouts.

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Written By: The Junkman™ (Donald Knaack

Don’t be a litterbug. Do the litter jitterbug.
Don’t be a litterbug. Don’t be a litterbug.
Hey Junkman, I got a litter story. Put your ear near.

Verse A
It’s blo’in in the wind, floating on the water,
in the streets and on the ground.
The shreaking sound of mother nature
every time litter hits the ground.
Paper, Styrofoam, cellophane, plastic,
They’re all polluting. We’re looting the earth.
The situation: drastic.

Verse B
It’s really not cool to break rule and
toss your litter on the ground of
our profound mother earth. It
makes those sickly, crawley bugs and there’s
really no need to feed the slugs, we gotta
stop the litter, you and me, cause
It won’t disappear by magic.

Chorus and Tag
Don’t be a litterbug
We don’t need to feed the slugs.
Stop the litter you and me cause
It won’t disappear by magic.
Spread the word, join the plan,
Always throw it in the can and
If you see it on the ground
pick it up and make this sound…….

Verse C
Candy wrapper, soda can, paper
it all turns to acid waste, this
earth would have a cleaner face, if we
put the waste in its proper place.
Take that litter in your hand, make a
ball and glide to the can
score that hoop, listen for the thud, now
strut that Litter Jitterbug.

Chorus and Tag

Bridge – Junkman solo)
Play that can Junkman!
Don’t be a litterbug. Do the litter jitterbug.
Don’t be a litterbug. Don’t be a litterbug..

Bridge 2
Don’t litter.
Glide, Glide (repeats)
Ball it up, in your hand.
Glide on over to the can.
Score that hoop, hear the thud.
Do the litter jitterbug.

Chorus and Tag

Don’t be a litterbug. Do the litter jitterbug
Don’t be a litterbug. Do the litter-litter-litter jitterbug


Written By: The Junkman™ (Donald Knaack)

Verse A
Ya know its hard to make a big foot move,
It’s tough to locomote, and
keep it in the groove. Seems like we
all need a little foot that
moves naturally and uses
less energy so we can
move and groove, I know that
Michael would approve.

Chorus A
Dance on the earth
It’s your planet, dance on it!
Dance on the earth
Change your moves, keep it clean
Dance on the earth
We all use the same space.
Dance upon the earth. When the
party’s over, leave no trace.

Verse B
Come on let’s
dance a new way of life, a
chance to heal Mother Earth.
New moves that help us re-
duce the energy we use, re-
use the steps, of our feet re-
cycle, the actions of our
hands, let’s start a chain reaction,
stop the talk, start the action.

Chorus B
Dance on the earth
Take a new step each day
Dance on the earth
A step with eco-locomotion
Dance on the earth
A step that shows a new expression.
Dance upon the earth.
A step that leaves the right impression.

Verse C
The solution to the pollution is the
dilution of our footprint’s constitution. We need to
pledge an attribution to the evolution of our
footprint’s diminution. And that’s my elocution.
Hey people, let me hear your resolution!

Pick it up, keep it clean
Buy less, waste less
Turn it off, save the juice. And
Do the same with running water.
Use your feet in the street.
Eat local, buy local.
Always put it in the can.
Play those sticks and cans Junkman!

Chorus C
Dance on the earth.
Dance on the earth
Dance on the earth.
Dance upon the earth,


Junk Music - 1999, Moo Music
Junk Music 2 - 2003, Moo Music
NatRes + MoNa + Man - 2011, Moo Music

Set List

1. What the World Needs Now is Packaging. More packaging.
2. Styrofoam Never Dies
3. Built to Fall Apart
4. Rock Music
5. Kitchen Music
6. Wood Music
7. Solo
8. State of the Earth
9. Change
10. Litterbug
11. One World
12. Footprint
13. Zen Samba
14. Surfer 6
15. Interactive Junkjam with the audience