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Pasadena, Maryland, United States

Pasadena, Maryland, United States
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"Our favorite bands that turn it up to 11"

What would Creedence Clearwater Revival sound like if John Fogerty grew up listening to Black Sabbath and Screamin' Jay Hawkins? They would probably sound a lot like Junkrod Joe and the Cadillac Hearse. The band plays loud, fast and heavy, and isn't shy about its lyrical obsession with murder. Creedence was never this dark.

http://baltimore.metromix.com/baltimorerocks - Baltimore Metromix

"Heavy 'billy, American Style!"

This is kick-ass psychobilly, heavy and powerful and very much of the in-your-face variety. This aint Meteors or Necromantix style psychobilly,it's a distinctly AMERICAN sound. Think Blazing Haley, Big John Bates, Speedbuggy and The Reverend Horton Heat...big slabs of guitar fueled southern influenced punkabilly with raw yet melodic vocals. The musicianship is high level stuff, the songs are memorable and the packaging and production are all professional. This is a GREAT cd, buy the thing and prepare to be damn impressed - CD Baby - Vinny Hains

"Junkrod Joe's Baltimore"


The three-piece band rocks Fells Point

By Lindsay Smith
Special to Metromix

Junkrod Joe is a "Brawltimore"-based three-piece rock band that combines rock, blues and country to produce gritty vocals and lashing bass. Their eponymous new album, scheduled for release on April 11 at the Talking Head Club, is an appealingly angry, driven collection of songs perfect for whiskey-drinking and brawl-starting. Influences include Creedence Clearwater Revival, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash (naturally).

We spent an evening touring around Junkrod's favorite haunts in Fells Point and got schooled a little on the life of a Baltimore rockstar. With the upcoming release of their new album and a national tour scheduled for this summer, Junkrod are geared up, ready to hit the road, and ready to have a fun time while doing so.

Matty with Natty Boh

As if you couldn't tell from his nickname and his hat, Matty Bohemian (that's Matty Boh to you), is quite the supporter of the "Land of Pleasant Living."

Dinner with Friends

Our evening begins at Friends in Fells Point with mini burgers, nachos and wings. And beer, naturally.

Over dinner, Junkrod discuss their newest self-titled album. It's the first cut by the three current members; previous albums were recorded by lead singer Joe under the name Junkrod Joe and the Cadillac Hearse. What's different about this album? "Better production," Joe says. The synthesis of the three talents achieves a fluid sound, and the guys seem to have a camaraderie with one another that blends the personal with the professional in a solid balancing act.

After ordering beer and food, Junkrod fill the jukebox queue with influences like Johnny Cash, The Doors, CCR, Neil Young and The Ramones.

Matty and Darren discuss what they like best about Baltimore. Like their music, Baltimore has a definitive, loveable grittiness with an underlying sense of fun, they say.

"I like the food here, and the older bars and buildings. They don't have anything like it on the West Coast," says native Californian Darren Daniels.

"It's bad-ass," Matty agrees.

Pouring one out for Full Moon

The former Full Moon Saloon on Aliceanna was the band's favorite Baltimore bar and live music venue until it closed its doors permanently in 2007, and is remembered by them as "the greatest bar in America."

"Everybody really did know your name there," Darren says, sadly. "It was like Cheers."

"Cheers and vomit," Joe interjects.

In remembrance, Junkrod pour one out and wipe away a few stray tears. But the memorial is short-lived; it's time to move on.

Broadway Market

Junkrod pose outside of the Broadway Market in Fells Point and take a moment to relay their favorite recipes.

Joe proffers a recipe for his Junkrod fish fry, which consists of cod dipped in Warsteiner Dunkel and rolled in a mixture of dry pancake batter, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. Deep-fry, and respect.

Matty, the self-proclaimed "king of turkey," makes burger patties out of ground turkey, coats one side in Old Bay, the other in Cajun seasoning and then "grills them bitches" and serves with some Pappy's XXX White Lightnin' hot barbecue sauce.

Californian Darren concocts his own spicy salsa out of stewed tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro, garlic and some "special, secret ingredients." We wonder if any of them are beer or Old Bay, or maybe just some old-fashioned Junkrod love.

Tattoo Museum

After divulging secret recipes, it's time to mosey on over to one of Junkrod's favorite places in Baltimore—The Tattoo Museum. All three band members are inked, but tonight isn't about getting another tattoo. Tonight is business: They need to secure another band for their album release party on April 11.

Junkrod and The Blackbirds

After a brief discussion of dates and times, Adam Jeffrey and David Drell, Tattoo Museum employees and members of the band Blackbirds, are decidedly willing to play at the album release party.

"This is how business gets done," Darren explains, referencing the brief exchange of vital information and agreements. No paper; just handshakes and a photo-op outside of the museum.

Darren and Matty

The museum not only has a staff of incredible tattoo artists; it houses a collection of turn-of-the-century tattoo paraphernalia like wall art and needles. According to its Web site, the museum is "dedicated to preserving the stories, spirits, images, myths and truths and everything else to do with American tattooing." This seems to include rock and roll.

Although both Darren and Matty have a considerable collection of body art, they're always looking to add more.

Joe's swallow

Although the other band members have visible tattoos, "I prefer to keep mine covered up," Joe explains.

Joe's other swallow

And there's a skeletal rendition of the swallow tattooed on the other side. That is so rock and roll.

Tattoo of pleasant living

Matty Boh reveals his not-so-secret love for the ubiquitous Baltimore icon.

Inking a deal

Matty explains some new tattoo ideas while official band groupie "Delaware" Chris Shea looks on.

Max's beckons

To complete their tour of Fells Point, the band decides to sojourn to Max's On Broadway for some delicious beer. Max's has one of the largest on-tap beer selections in the Northeast, and there's nothing Junkrod's members appreciate more than some decent beer. National Bohemian aside, of course.

Checking the list

Beer-aficionado Matty foregoes the Natty Boh and makes some recommendations from the beer list.

Never leave home without a groupie

The band relaxes at Max's with beer, including Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter, Sierra Nevada Harvest IPA, Flying Dog Porter, Zywiec and Stoudt's Scarlet Lady ESB. The rule here: Take a sip, and pass it to your neighbor to sample the full palate of offerings. Sharing is fun!

Not to destroy their street cred, but despite the hard exterior, Junkrod consists of three extraordinarily pleasant and fun-loving individuals who love "The Honeymooners" and "Gilligan's Island" as much as hard rock and whiskey. With their professionalism and dedication to producing solid songs and building a secure fan base (which, apparently, is made up of mostly guys; "We're not a chick band," Darren notes), it seems that Junkrod are prime for more commercial success. They are anticipating a winning tour this summer, working hard and playing hard. We just hope they won't forget their roots here in good, old "Brawltimore."
- Metromix


Junkrod Demo (5 song EP) - 2003
Hornswaggled (11 song Album) - 2005
Junkrod (12 song Album) - 2009



Junkrod, formed in 2002, is a Rock and Roll power trio based in Baltimore, Maryland USA. Featuring “Junkrod” Joe on Guitar & Vocals, Darren “Drunkrod” Daniels on Electric Bass, and Matty “Bo-Hemian" on drums. The band is heavily influenced by dirty, swampy blues, garage, punk, surf, and psychobilly and covers lyrical themes of dark places and demolition derbies to roller girls, retribution, and redemption.

Part mean & nasty, part gravely traditional in approach, Junkrod is just that; a garage of rusty parts, bolts, sounds and prayers to drive fast, get drunk, or get angry to.

Junkrod has independently toured the US and has shared the stage with the following badasses - Scott H. Biram, Hank III, Danzig, The Necromantix, Joe Buck, Throw Rag, The Koffin Kats, The Chop Tops, The Pine Box Boys, JB Beverly and Artimus Pyledriver

Influences: Early Black Sabbath, Dick Dale, The Cramps, The White Stripes, Reverend Horton Heat, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Danzig, Nick Cave, David Allan Coe, Johnny Cash, Zakk Wylde.

Venues - Local and Touring

The Otto Bar - Baltimore, MD
The Side Bar - Baltimore, MD
The Talking Head - Baltimore, MD
The Recher Theatre - Baltimore, MD
Fletcher's - Baltimore, MD
Club Sonar - Baltimore, MD
The Waterfront Hotel - Baltimore, MD
The Full Moon Saloon, Baltimore, MD
Frazier's on the Ave - Baltimore, MD
The Depot - Baltimore, MD
The Barn - Baltimore, MD
The Quarry House Tavern - Silver Spring, MD
The Black Cat - Washington, DC
Canal Club - Richmond, VA
Wonderland - Richmond, VA
Sharpshooter's - Manassas, VA
Coalie Harry's - Winchester, VA
Old Town Grill & Bar - Winchester, VA
Mojo 13 - Wilmington, DE
The Dugout - Seaford, DE
Ralph's Chadwick Square Diner - Worcester , MA
Bank Street Cafe - New London , CT
The Rodeo Bar - NYC, NY
Hanks Saloon - Brooklyn, NY
The Trash Bar - Brooklyn, NY
Whiskey Dix - Philly, PA
Howler's - Pittsburgh, PA
31st St. Pub - Pittsburgh, PA
McBride's Bar & Grill - Essington, PA
The Agora/Town Fryer - Cleveland, OH
Nicks Nightclub - Lafayette, IN
Pete's - Lafayette, IN
Knickerbocker Saloon - Lafayette, IN
The Lafayette Brew Co - Lafayette, IN
Locals Only - Indianapolis, IN
The Note - Chicago, IL
The Last Lap - Bloomington, IL
The Way Club - St. Louis, MO
Elm St. Lounge - Dallas, TX
The Bar of Soap - Dallas, TX
Headhunters - Austin, TX
Lori's Par-T Lounge - Tulsa, OK
The Star Bar - Atlanta, GA
The Rally Point - Memphis, TN
The Corner Lounge - Knoxville, TN
The Radio Cafe - Nashville, TN
Air Devil's Inn - Louisville , KY
Wizards Saloon - Hickory, NC
Drips - Hickory, NC
The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
The Black Cat - Boone, NC
Landshark Cafe - Jacksonville, FL
St. Michaels Pub - Tallahassee, FL
Nick's - Chico, CA
The Town Pump - Yuba City, CA