Junk Science

Junk Science


"Does your party need the freshest grooves and hottest funk? Look no further than Junk Science's horn-driven, Sly and The Flaming Lips style celebration rock, guaranteed to incite dangerous gyrations and exclamations!"


Hi there! We are Junk Science of Fredericksburg, Virgnia. We're a group of Mary Washington Students and Fredericksburg musicians who enjoy writing songs and performing high-energy shows. We enjoy and are inspired by many genres of music, and try not to limit ourselves to a single one. We've just finished recording and printing our first extended playing record which we are very excited about. We're always looking to play shows, whether they're in or out of town, so please keep us in mind for your venue!


The Junk Science EP is JS's first recording which came out in the Summer of 2007.

Set List

Our set varies from show to show, but here is an example of a typical set list:

Tried and Tempted
Roger Miller 1 >
Baby Doll Blues >
Roger Miller 2
Crazy Legs
Work So Hard
Your Song
Take Control
The Groove
Tango on Mars

Other variations are available by request.