Junkyard Girls

Junkyard Girls

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

dreamy, dark, electronic infused art pop music.


We have recently been selected as one of the nominees for artist of the year for the deli magazine!! Go here to vote for us! Http://nashville.thedelimagazine.com/snacks

"(Junkyard Girls is) probably something you've never heard anything like before."

"Junkyard Girls could be described as a darker, more ambient blend of Antony and the Johnsons" -- The Deli Magazine

"Aaron's vocals are fascinating. There is a Billie Holiday quality underneath a tremendous passion in the delivery of each song." -- Music City Circus

"(The Song on their new EP) “Caged Bird,” interestingly enough, sounded like something that came off of Beach House’s second album."-- The Deli Magazine

We strive to preserve artistic integrity through music, writing, performance, and other mediums of expression. We attempt to give a unique experience to each person who experiences our live and recorded music. Performing is like being possessed: everything else escapes from our bodies and nothing else matters except the music. We love what we do and it is our purpose to boldly communicate to our audience like no one else. We want everyone to be able to take something unique away from us- interpret our performance for themselves and leave with a feeling of utter fulfillment.

Our individual experiences aren't nearly as important as the songs and the messages attached.

All songs written, composed, and produced by A. Phipps
All songs co-engineered by Iaian Smallwood & Aaron Phipps
All instrumentation co-composed by Jacki Macri (drums), Caroline Yoder (violin), Gavin Schriver (guitar), Emily Zimmer (bass), & A. Phipps


Tell 'em I sent you

Written By: Aaron Phipps

Meet me at the parking lot, nice to see you thanks a lot. give me a call when youre in the neighborhood.


EP "Come home safe, please?" out now online and physically in January 2011
Untitled LP currently slated for release is 2011

Set List

Varies from show to show but usually at least 3 songs from the EP are played plus 4-6 others depending on the allotted time frame.