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Junkyard groove has released an EP and a full length album shortly after that. Entitled 'Nicer in a Minute' and '11:11' respectivley, both the EP and the album is available for free download at www.gimmesound.com for free download.

1) Thank You
2) Let you Go
3) Say Goodbye
4) Please dont wake me up
5) Save Me


1) Intro (open)
2) Imagine
3) Thank You
4) Been So Long
5) Folk You
6) Let You Go
7) Twinkle
8) Its Ok
9) Rock And Roll
10) Feels Like a Knife
11) Hold


Feeling a bit camera shy


Over the years, the Indian sub continent has been brewing quiet a few underground rock bands, and in the summer of 2005 Chennai (madras)gave us Junkyard Groove. Ameeth Thomas, Siddharth Srinivasan and Craig Maxworth got together almost randomly and realized that they had something to contribute to the world of Indian Rock and Roll.

Ameeth started of his music career fronting a few other bands before Junkyard Groove, as was the same with the other guys. Siddharth the youngest of the lot played with bands that found there roots in classic and funk rock covers. Craig entered the music scene with a band, that was pretty much a ‘Rage Against The Machine’ tribute band.

Maybe you’re reading this to find out more about Junkyard Groove. Or maybe you already know what ever you need to know about them, from Myspace and Facebook, (or the million other social networking sites). Maybe you’ve seen them live at a few local rock competitions. Maybe you’ve seen them win every one of them. Maybe you’ve jumped around to their music at shows like ‘Rock In India’, ‘Channel V Launch PAD’ and ‘Strawberry Fields’. Maybe you got a little too drunk and passed out before they finished their set. Maybe you heard of them when they opened for the Dubai Desert Rock Festival. Or maybe you just came over to watch Iron Maiden and Incubus. Maybe you’ve listened to their music online, liked it and downloaded the album. Maybe you hated it!

Four years have passed them by and the band has had their share of ups and downs. With Drummers and Record Labels leaving, they have quite efficiently managed to stay on top of… what can only be termed as nothing but minor speed bumps. Solution: - Use a session drummer / Go Independent! But never the less, the band is still looking out for a permanent drummer and eyes open for deals that happen to stroll by. The Music is good but the Music Industry is not such a pretty picture after all. The band finally decided to launch the much awaited debut album entitled 11:11 independently, which released in June 2009. Junkyard Groove is now currently experimenting with an acoustic version of 11:11. The band has also come out with a few home made videos of their songs. On youtube you should find “Its Ok”, and “Let you go” which was shot in Canada. Also has loads of live videos uploaded by their fans. Check it out, a simple “Junkyard Groove” in the search bar would allow you to experience the band from a live audience perspective. A sneak peak into the madness.

Still concentrating on live shows around the country, they also find the time to go back to the practice pad and work on some new material. Who knows maybe they’d be in your city next weekend, and maybe you just might pass out before they finish their set. If that happens this has been a brief overview of the madness that is Junkyard Groove.