Junkyard Poets

Junkyard Poets


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Freedom Fighter

Written By: Jared Salte

My Hypocrites are killing love in the name.
Sucking lock and load from all your friends in the grave.
Tombstone. Obituary. Give me my gun. I'm gonna shoot that mister down. I'm gonna tell everyone. From the colour of your skin they see pride and joy. I'd love you boy but your bloodstained hands are gonna ruin my dress. Dressed up mister businessman. Tell me your story. Who have you loved. What's your plan.

My freedom fighters. Fried on a spit. Give me love. I'll tell you I don't believe in it.

Go. Freedom Fighter. Take his plans and run away or he'll stab you in the back.

Pick the scabs off your eyes and see this world of lies. We're gonna bleed the truth all over this flag. Blood sweat and fears stand the hair on your neck. Pump the high heel into his exoskeleton. Now you're running from the very same monster that you are. Smashing confessionals. Highest bidding winner. Your teeth bite your lip and your trial has come.

You're the only love in the world. You're the only love in this world
and they're gonna never ever take that away.