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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Pop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Neu Magazine Single Review "These Boys Are Athletes""

Rating 8/10

It is clear from the word go that this collaboration is successful and not one to be sceptical of. Juno! Vs. Manda Rin have created a single, oozing cheek and coolness. 'These Boys Are Athletes' has an almost cheerleader-type charm to it without being too tacky. If Shifty Disco Records’ name had to be summed up by the sound of one song, this is that song. With thumping drum and bass combining with such ease with the simplistic melodies and audacious vocals, it is clear that this single must not be the only release from this collaboration.

'Smoke and Mirrors' is just as good, if not better. It is catchier than 'These Boys Are Athletes' and rightfully makes this release a Double A –Side. It shows a great range of influences from many different sub-genres of electronica and rock and they each combine well to create this fantastic song.

Buzzing electronica and catchy choruses is potentially a great recipe for a successful new collaboration and Juno! Vs. Manda Rin have cooked up a storm.

If this is a sign of what is to come in 2008, it’s going to be one amazing year.

Guy Purssell - Neu Magazine

"Rough Trade Single Review"

"These boys are athletes" and "Smoke and Mirrors' are the explosive new collaborations from Juno! and Manda Rin, and are released by oxford's renowned Shifty Disco records. Without doubt Juno! and Manda Rin have created the coolest and probably cheekiest pop song in years. A collision of buzzing electronica, and infectious choruses this song means business, and has created a myspace stampede! - Rough Trade

"Clyde 1 Live Review"

It’s official Clyde 1 Unsigned have finally found the happiest band on the planet! Forget the typical stony faced, aloof chill normally associated with a band, these guys and featured gal Manda Rin are joy & warmth personified. Their onstage presence is mighty good they are luminous, unpredictable and energetic. With an unnatural obsession with anything that glows in the dark and the odd megaphone thrown in for good measure, this band are making sure that everyone in the venue are having a good time. Stick with them long enough and you might even become a member, their door is always open. With samples from Sesame St to Mortal Kombat they certainly aren’t predictable and the mishmash of sounds are going to make even the most cynical listener turn round and face the music. In roman mythology, Juno is the queen of all the gods; yup this band should be right up there looking down on all they survey. Let it wash over you, and lose your heart to Juno. - Radio Clyde

"Daily Record Single Review "These Boys Are Athletes""

“Poptastic electro pop from Juno! and Bis singer Manda Rin.” - Daily Record

"Daily Record Single Review "Jet Set Juno!""

Manda Rin adds her unique vocal style to Jet Set Juno! , Juno!’s new big party anthem. 4/5 stars - Daily Record

"Scotsman Single Review "These Boys Are Athletes""

Juno! are one of the liveliest live bands to catch our attention in recent months, with their buzzing electro-pop combining vocals, samples and an arsenal of percussive instruments. Boasting members from Fife, Glasgow and even Tokyo, this four-piece (swelling to a mammoth eight when part-time members join in), have an uncanny ability to engage with their audience, converting their gigs into a musical party. Their song These Boys Are Athletes is the perfect track of the month! - The Scotsman

"Clyde One Single Review "These Boys Are Athletes""

"These Boys are Athletes" featuring Manda Rin on the surface gives a sweetly Barbie girl vocal but punches back hard with the regional lilt. Don’t believe all that you hear, you ain’t going to see this lass wearing pink and crying for her hair straighteners which is as it should be. The band sound like New Order, crossed with The Scream and the Happy Mondays, lighten it up a notch and there you have it, electro pop in its purest form, alive and kicking official! They have the potential to be the soundtrack to the next club generation, bring it on! - Clyde One

"Today's New Band - Juno PLUS! Picking Up Bad Vibrations!"

Hilariously, there are workmen working directly above where I'm typing this. They are using power tools that resonate with the exact frequency that:

a) makes everything in the room vibrate unpleasantly, including my eyeballs
b) makes the sound you'd expect to hear if you were one of the trees in a Woody Woodpecker cartoon
c) is so deep and resonant that it may cause spontaneous bowel evacuation (I'll keep you informed about this one)

I always contended that there was no sound that was so awful that some sort of pleasure couldn't be derived from it if arranged properly. Look at the Drillcore scene and some of Aphex Twin's more esoterically 'difficult' music for ideas. However, I now realise that I was being wildly optimistic and probably a bit tree-hugging-peace-and-love to boot. There is, it turns out, such thing as irredeemably bad noise, and it's currently being vibrated into me at about 100 decibels.

The weakening effect of the noise has shaken out a confession: I should have picked up Today's New Band, Juno, a good twelve months ago. Shocking isn't it? In an attempt to put a positive spin on such a poor showing, I'm convinced that this is purely because there is so much good new music around at the moment that they just never got through.

Juno should have popped up on my radar almost instantly because of their association with Manda Rin, of Bis fame. She pops up here and there on their songs, puncturing the noise hyperactively and as idiosyncratically as ever.

On Party Music, the lolloping relationship between the guitar and drums reminds me a bit of Happy Mondays, and this can only be a suitably happy comparison to draw. Jet Set Juno is a weirdnik Teen-C/electro-rock squash-up that sounds like it belongs as the theme song to the imaginary TV show featuring the cartoons you used to doodle at the back of French Class at school. These Boys Are Athletes has been rattling around for a year, but it's still as much of a chant-along futuro-pop monster as it was a year ago, all power chords and carefree bleeping.

It's always a joy to hear a band that are clearly drawing a huge amount of fun just from being in a band together. Juno are like that. It's an even bigger joy when the band in question make music that's just as much fun to listen to as well. Juno are like that too.

Juno's songs would go down just as well in an Indie disco as in a roomful of sugar-buzzed 8 year olds. That's about as happy a recommendation as you'll get. So check them out here!
Labels: happy happy joy joy, Teen-C, toy instruments
- A New Band a Day


"These Boys Are Athletes/Smoke and Mirrors"

Limited Edition 7" orange vinyl, Shifty Disco, UK, 2008

"Jet Set Juno!"

Split single with Kobai, Limited edition 7" vinyl

Kopparberg Collective Records, UK, 2008 &

Starsign Records, Japan, 2008

Juno! have received the following airplay:

XFM Scotland Playlisted
XFM London (John Kennedy)
BBC Radio One (Vic Galloway, Huw Stephens)
Spanish Radio Playlisted (Toxicosmos, El Meridian, Radio UOL Spain).



JUNO! have just completed the recording of their new single ‘Battle Royale’ following on from their acclaimed 2008 debut ‘These Boys Are Athletes’ and ‘Jet Set Juno!’.

Released on limited edition vinyl in January 2008, by the legendary Shifty Disco Records, ‘These Boys Are Athletes’ was heralded as the “coolest and probably cheekiest pop song in years” by Rough Trade. Neu Magazine proclaimed: “If Shifty Disco Record’s... had to be summed up by the sound of one song, this is that song... JUNO! Vs Manda Rin have cooked up a storm!”. And Scotland’s national newspaper, the Daily Record didn’t mince its words either: “Poptastic electro pop from JUNO!”.

Their second single, ‘Jet Set Juno!’ released on the Kopparberg-sponsored Collective Records in July 2008 was also met with good reviews including, from the Daily Record: “Bis singer Manda Rin adds her unique vocals to Scots band JUNO!’s huge party tune!” (4/5). The single was exported to Japan where it has been championed by the illustrious Starsign Records. The success of the single in Japan has meant 2009 will see Starsign release JUNO!’s debut album ‘Harder than it Should Be’.

JUNO!’s sound is fuelled by influences such as CSS, Bis, Blur and their favourite new band Late of the Pier. 2008 has seen JUNO! receive airplay on Britain’s leading radio stations such as BBC Radio One (Vic Galloway, Huw Stephens), XFM London (John Kennedy) and Clyde One (Sharon Oakley) as well as being playlisted at XFM Scotland.

The past year has also seen JUNO! selected to play at several festivals including: Go North, Rock Ness and the Glasgow International Arts Festival, as well as performing a DJ set at the Hydro Connect Festival.

JUNO! can also claim support slots for some of Britain’s most exciting new bands including: Glasvegas, Operator Please, Robots in Disguise, Black Affair (Ex-Beta Band) and Thomas Tantrum.