Juno Vega

Juno Vega


If hearing is believing, then believe me when you hear that you've gotta hear this to believe it. A resplendent deviation from the drudgeries of today's cookie-cutter rock & a step into the New School, where the psyche steers the ears to a head-on collision of Bliss, Pain, the insane, & in between!


Once upon this time, a conglomerative force of musical minds combined their efforts to take on the world of rock, with a new flavor to entice the masses.

Their synergy was recognized almost immediately, solidifying on April 6th, 2006, when, after merely 6 hours of rehearsal together...ever, they burnt a hole in a South-Side, Pittsburgh venue with the raw force of their sound. Since that fateful night, they've been locked away in their secret headquarters, tirelessly studying the potential of their electric chemistry. Recently, they surfaced to release the first notes on their sonic experiments. Entitled, "Surreal Thrill", it symbolizes their supernatural urge to alter the long-weathered face of rock forever. With more findings soon to follow, Juno Vega decided to open the "New School of Rock." JV may seem to be a local band, but don't turn your back on them for too long. They are a force to be reckonned with. Merging genres like kids with Lego Sets, they're not willing to stop their endless crusade to rock every pair of ears on the globe. A Juno Vega show is unlike most you've seen. Their blend of tastes is sure to please even the most refined sonic palate. from the youngsters to the old heads, there's enough Juno Vega to go around. It's easy to say such a thing, of course, but to actually bring it to the table and in plentiful sums, well that's really what sets JV apart from most acts. They offer up a refreshing change to a genre that will never die. Juno Vega loves you all.


Debut Album Surreal Thrill

Set List

Our set-lists vary greatly depending primarily upon the crowd. However, we've seen fit to usually start the evening with a crispy, up-beat appetizer like "Fa$t Money"from "Surreal Thrill", perhaps garnished with a generous serving of our newer material from our yet-2-B-released sophomore album. We give a sneak-peak of the future, the past, and present as well as throw in some classics like Jefferson-Airplane's "White Rabbit" coupled with our "Lil Dab'll Do Ya", just for kicks. As Soon as we heat it up to a rolling boil, we may let it simmer a while with some "C'est La Vie" before perhaps a full-blown assault from our hot-off-the-grill melodies shipped fresh from J.V.H.Q. to you!

Of course, we may bring it down to a mellow-cool by way of a tasty acoustic entre's. served fresh with the likes of STP, TOOL, ALICE in CHAINS, THE BEATLES, and many others as well as a side of "P.A.L" and other succulent acoustic originals.

Just when ya think it can't get any sweeter. J.V. serve