Lerum, Västra Götaland, SWE


Juntan started as a school project, as a part of Tobias Kjellberg's final exam, in 2008. Since then Juntan has played on various clubs and on different stages around Gothenburg, Sweden. Up until 2011 the band only wrote songs with Swedish lyrics, but are now broadening their genre. The band is locally known for it's capacity to bring happy energy from the stage to the audience, and it's rare to see someone standing still on a Juntan-gig.

Since the two lead-singers, Rasmus Blomberg and Tobias Kjellberg, have been out travelling from the late 2010 to the early 2011, the band has been on a temporary "on hold"-state.

The band consists of 6 members, including the lead-singers mentioned above - Erik Källström on lead guitar, Niklas Preuss on bass, Alexander Kvistborn on drums and Simon Falk on rythm-guitar.


Juntan is currently working on an EP, which will be released summer/early autumn 2011. The EP consists of 5 tracks.

Set List

One drumset, two guitar amplifiers (prefferably Peavey and Vox), one bass amp and three mic's, (two leads).