Jupe Jupe

Jupe Jupe

 Seattle, Washington, USA

With waves of haunting synthesizers, crooning vocals, jagged guitars and pulsating beats, Jupe Jupe creates mournful pop music that moves.


Jupe Jupe creates dark and danceable pop music layered with crooning vocals, atmospheric synths, shivering guitars, and driving beats.

The Seattle quartet offers a collection of melancholy, hook-laden textures in its latest release, "Lonely Creatures"—10 hauntingly striking songs about isolation, fate, internal struggle, and technology gone awry. Each tune draws inspiration from electropop, post-punk, and ghostly Americana.

The band spent over two years crafting each song on "Lonely Creatures" before joining producer Matt Bayles at Red Room Studios in Seattle, Washington. A former member of Minus the Bear, Bayles has produced and mixed a number of seminal albums by Botch, Mastodon, Murder City Devils, Minus the Bear, Russian Circles, These Arms are Snakes, The Blood Brothers, and many more.

Since forming in 2010, Jupe Jupe has released three other full-length albums: "Invaders," "Reduction in Drag," and "Crooked Kisses." The group also teamed up with a variety of renowned artists/producers for the remix album, "Cut Up Kisses" (featuring Lusine, Mike Simonetti, Rick G. Nelson, Erik Blood, Head Like a Kite, and more).

Press reviews:

 “ … anyone with even a passive appreciation for expertly applied, fluid synth riffs, drama-filled vocals, infectious pop choruses, and deft dance-rock grooves will be able to ease right in … ”


“Coolly campy, exquisitely wrought electro-pop.”

-The Stranger

”Jupe Jupe deliver their pop punch with a heavy dose of electro-casual finesse...Bits of glam are lipsticked on to some of the songs, giving them a nice edge, and the guitar hits with perfect shots of electricity.”

-Big Takeover

"...a unique take on electro-pop that's equally tragic and danceable."

-The Seattle Weekly

"The band's sound is as much a throwback to older glam and analog times as it is a modern update for new listeners. Equal parts dark and danceable, Jupe Jupe is a band to watch."

-Magnet Magazine

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